Bangladesh Unbound is changing the way people travel by making it easy to find authentic places and offering Off-the-Beaten journeys with the help of Reliable, Experienced and Inspiring Local Tour Guides, Drivers and engaging the Disadvantaged Local Poor Communities.  

Our goal through tourism is to provide opportunities for self-betterment in poorer communities. This is not a charity; it’s a Quid Pro Quo Relationship with Communities. We bring a new concept which we believe and practice in that. Our philosophy, we said Ambassador, not GuideTravellernot Tourists and Journeynot a Tour.

Through our website, travellers can search for and book private tours in over 40+ different packages across 11 regions of Bangladesh. Journey with Bangladesh Unbound, travellers can Discover new CitiesTowns and Regions through many lenses: History, Archaeology, Photography, Monuments, Museums, Food,  Architecture, Art, Festivals, Adventure, Nature, Wildlife and Local Culture, etc. 

The travellers who use Bangladesh Unbound want to do Unique things, experience the Reality of a Place and see its Culture through the Eyes of a Local person. They are Curious,  Socially Conscious, and Value seeing their Travel Spending Directly Benefit the Poor and Rural People who live in the communities they visit.

The Ambassadors who work with the Bangladesh Unbound are HonestExperiencedInsightfulEntertaining individuals who are proud of the places they live. They guide a variety of unique journeys that reflect local history, Culture, food and landscape. Guides use Bangladesh Unbound to showcase their Personality and skill and do everything they can to make your tour Truly SpecialUnforgettable, and Unique to you.

We’re Committed to Helping Local Guides and helping them to become the country’s ambassadors. We are also working with Poor Communities and Engaging them with our journeys to become Successful Participants in the Tourism Industry. To do so, we actively search for new tour guides who meet our requirements and help them to work with us as they bring their Extraordinary Tour Offerings and Ideas, all of them Customizable to a traveller’s unique needs and interests.

 Our dedicated customer support team members work out in SylhetDhakaMymensinghChittagongRajshahiRangpur and Khulna, and are on hand 24/7 to help in any and every situation.