Paddle Steamer Tickets

There are not many means of transportation as iconic of the old days of travelling as steamboats. Steamboats or Paddle Steamers are the kinds of vehicles transportation geeks dream of riding. An overnight cruise on the Rocket Steamer in Bangladesh is one of the world’s classic river journeys. Once the fastest vessel on the water, the Paddle Wheel Steamer will take you back to British India with nostalgic atmospheres. Since its debut, perhaps its speed has slowed, its décor has aged, but its character hasn’t decayed and you will still find warmth every time you made a voyage with her. The Rocket Paddle Steamer is a relic that has kept its charm. The Rocket is a super fun way to cross the riverine Bangladesh!

Why you should book Rocket-Steamer tickets through Bangladesh Unbound?

When you book a river cruise journey through us you’ll get the following benefits listed below. Those are…

  • Reliable and secured.
  • Friendly support staff.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • VIP services every way.
  • Delivery by post/courier.
  • Cash on delivery options.
  • Get onboard from any port.
  • Providing e-tickets by mail.
  • Hassle-free and time-saving.
  • Minimum cancellation charge.
  • Can book any number of tickets.
  • Don’t need to wait or queue in lines.
  • First-Class Cabin tickets Guranteed.
  • Charge lower than any other agents.
  • Start journey anywhere from Bangladesh.
  • Can book using your computer or smartphone.

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