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Clara D’Ancona
Valencia, Spain
Architectural Research Trip
31 January 2022

Our Trip was a Great Success and an Unforgettable Experience!

We’re a group of five architects from Spain including two ladies. As a part of our research, our trip to Bangladesh focussed on modern architecture such as the famous Bangladesh National Parliament Building by Louis I Kahn, along with the prominent buildings of Muzharul Islam, Grand Master of regional modernism in South Asia and the Father of modern architecture in Bangladesh, and other eminent buildings of widely acknowledged local architects such as Basharul Haq, one of the most influential architects in South Asia. Also the Aga Khan Architecture Award winner (2016) Bait-ur-Rouf Mosque in Dhaka by Marina Tabassum. (more…)

Ronald Thomas Person
Alberta, Canada
cCustomized Holiday Tour
7 January 2022

We Felt like We were Walking Around the City with a Friend, Not a Guide!

Wow!! What an amazing day tour we had today with Arafat. We cannot say enough about our fantastic experience of the city of Dhaka. Liton was our driver. He was very professional and a very good driver in the crazy traffic of this busy city. He kept us safe, was ready when we needed him and chatted with us too. We have no reservations about recommending Arafat and the company called Bangladesh Unbound. (more…)

Willemijn Hulten
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Customized Holiday Tour
17 December 2021

For me, it was a New World that didn't Exist!

We stayed two days in Dhaka, visiting several interesting places. We saw the old marketplace with all the spices, vegetables, fruits, seafood and all kind of goods. We visit the harbour, peoples homes and have food in local restaurants.

We also took a ride in a ricksha, exciting in this hectic town. One of the days was also Victory Day and we were interviewed by the local TV. (more…)

Karyn Kandell
North Carolina, United States
Customized Holiday Tour
18 December 2021

Beyond our Initial Low Expectations for a Bangladesh Vacation!

It is hard to figure out where to start with the wonderful experience we had with Bangladesh Unbound during our week in Bangladesh. Other than a disastrous overnight boat tour which was not their fault, the entire experience was just incredible. The sites, the people and the things to see and do were so above and beyond our initial low expectations for a Bangladesh vacation.

If you are going to Bangladesh you have seen much of the world first. I’ve been to 102 countries and my wife has been to almost 80 before making it to Bangladesh. That said, this trip was possibly a top-five for us for all our travelling. Going to a country where there is so little general tourism creates opportunities and experiences that you just won’t find in most parts of the world. (more…)

Irene Young Lui
Shanghai, China
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
3 December 2021

Discover Most things and get to Know Different Daily Routines

When I was searching for a guide who could show me around Old Dhaka, a friend recommended me, Arafat, as a guide. Since our first tour, I booked several tours with Arafat for showing around my colleagues during a business trip or my family. In December 2021 I and my family had two amazing tours with Arafat, to Old Dhaka and Sonargaon.

When preparing the tours Arafat have been very flexible in the plans of what to visit. After my first visit, I had an overview of places I like to visit or to show others. It is easy to discuss these wishes with both of them and they provide also their ideas and estimations on starting and ending times, as well as the length of the tours. I always had my driver, so we agreed on a meeting point and picked the guide up. Most places are not within a walking distance, so a car is always needed. (more…)

Tony Eales
Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
Street Photography Tour
18 October 2021

It's Not the Number of Countries you have visited, but the Countries you've Visited!

I have a passion for travel and have visited over 50 countries. Someone once said to me “it’s not so much the number of countries you have visited, but the countries you’ve visited.

I first visited Bangladesh on the back end of an Everest base camp trek in November 2016. My choice of Bangladesh was determined by both culture and the lack of tourists. On making my decision, I then found Bangladesh Unbound on the internet and I’m so glad I did, as they were and still are, professional, helpful and dare I say it, on the ball. (more…)

Lovisa Amelin
Paris, France
Dhaka Photography Tour
7 August 2021

Interesting and Colorful Dhaka in 1 Full Day

I took a photography tour yesterday with Bangladesh Unbound and its fearless leader, Arafat. Arafat displayed an incredible ability to navigate the hectic maze that is Old Dhaka and imparted lots of knowledge about the city and the country. It was a super-efficient and organized way to experience the most interesting and colourful parts of Dhaka in one full day.

Highly recommend!

Katharine Veronica
Capetown, South Africa
Street Photography Tour
14 March 2020

People Pose for you to Take Pictures of Them

I did the East and West photo tour as well as the Chittagong tour with Faisal. I am not a very good photographer and I’m no extrovert. Though, spending a full day with a guide will motivate you to take a picture, make people pose for you and practice. Bangladeshi are genuinely nice and no one asked me money (except a few beggars of course). (more…)

Cezar Dumitru
Bucharest, Romania
Sundarbans Safari
8 March 2020

World-Class Service in a Pretty Tough Environment

Bangladesh was my 131st country to visit. After a long survey (internet, but also Lonely Planet) I decided to contact Bangladesh Unbound as they had the programs which suited me the best. Although Farjana (the owner) was travelling in Europe, she was very prompt in giving all the answers. (more…)

Thomas Driemeyer
Berlin, Germany
Sundarbans Safari
2 March 2020

Perfect Organization in a Disorganized Country

This agency rocks. I had a Sundarbans tour in Bangladesh cancelled on me by another agency, and called Bangladesh Unbound the day before I left for Bangladesh. They not only managed to put together a six-day tour for me, including hotels, boat cabins, transportation, and national forest permit but also arranged one of the highly coveted cabins on a century-old Rocket paddle-wheel steamer! All that in only a few days and over the weekend too. (more…)

Elizabeth Skinner
Vancouver, Canada
Glories of Bangladesh
19 February 2020

Amazing Place, Wonderful People, Great Food and Very Safe

I would highly recommend Bangladesh Unbound if you want to travel around Bangladesh. Farjana was great at communicating and answering my questions before I booked the trip and tour. He was there waiting for me at the airport to take me to my hotel, even though I arrived a few days before my tour started and again she took me to the airport for my departure which was a few days after the tour ended. She is very accommodating and pleasant. (more…)

Morten Faurschou
Aalborg, Denmark
Sundarbans Safari
10 February 2020

Enjoyable, for Long Remembering, and Worth Repeating

After being rushed back by the cyclone BulBul, my second attempt to visit Sundarban was successful and more than that. The three-day tour with now already friends from Bangladesh Unbound in February was wonderful – relaxing, energizing, cultural.

Cruising the wastewaters of the Bangladeshi delta provided plenty of time to explore mangrove forests, get acquainted with the life of fishermen, enjoy uninterrupted views and watch rich wildlife. In our morning and evening canoe rides through mangrove canals, we saw numerous colourful birds, monkeys, deer and many others, yet the tiger did not show up this time. (more…)

Dawn Lim Chui
Bangkok, Thailand
Barisal Backwater Tour
1 February 2020

Seriously made Bangladesh One of my Favourite Countries to Visit

My wife and I booked the Barisal backwater tour. I just wanted to say how amazing the tour was.
It has seriously made Bangladesh one of my favourite countries to visit. And I’m a bit mind-blown that not more tourists visit. (more…)

Adela Schmidt
London, England
Highlights of Bangladesh
28 January 2020

Tiger about to Swim across the Stream and Later two Jackals

I did the 10-day Highlights of Bangladesh with Bangladesh Unbound with an extra day tagged on the end to see the ships being deconstructed and recycled on the beaches of Chittagong. The highlight of the trip was the three-day sojourn in Sundarban mangrove forest along the coast of the Gulf of Bengal. We saw lots of animals quietly rowing up the creek, like deer, jungle fowl, wild boar, then we became really lucky and stumbled upon a tiger about to swim across the stream and later two jackals. (more…)

Sandy Rie
Taipei, Taiwan
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
20 January 2020

Bangladesh Unbound has Done a Great Job!

I was joining both Old Dhaka and Old capital tours with Arafat as our guide to both tours. I couldn’t say enough good things about Bangladesh Unbound’s arrangement. Before I ever arrive in Bangladesh, they have been helping me to plan my trip, gave me advice for booking my stay and even helped me with LOI for my visa on arrival. The communication was great, feedbacks were swift. Though the owner Farjana has her business trip in London and with the time’s differences, she manage to reply to all my concerns and questions, I admit it was a bit intense to get the LOI just a day before my departure. (more…)

Richard Fairer
Worthing, England
Discover Bangladesh
14 January 2020

Get an Extensive Insight into all Bangladesh has to Offer

For a long, while I had wanted to visit Bangladesh and after much searching, I decided on the trip by Bangladesh Unbound as their 28 day Discover Bangladesh tour seemed to be the most comprehensive of those on offer by any operator. The group size is also small with a maximum of 4 places available. This proved a good choice as the whole trip was well organised, extensive and varied. (more…)

Ila Roudebush
Nevada, USA
Discover Bangladesh
4 January 2020

Scenery is Beautiful, People are Outstanding, and History is Amazing

I did the 28 days discover Bangladesh tour in January 2020, I’ve visited more than 100 countries and Bangladesh has to be in the top five of countries I’ve visited. It’s a shame that more people haven’t discovered this wonderful country, the scenery is beautiful, the people are outstanding, and the history is amazing. (more…)

Kawe Safavi Bayet
Linz, Austria
Best of Bangladesh
23 December 2019

Perfect Vacation with an Excellent Tour Operator

I just came back from Bangladesh. Did an 18 days tour with Bangladesh Unbound (Best of Bangladesh). It was awesome. This tour completely exceeded my expectations. The highlight of this tour for me was the Sundarbans mangrove forest which was the most beautiful mangrove forest I’ve seen anywhere in the world. (more…)

Micheal Read
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Customized Holiday
13 December 2019

Extremely Interesting Experience with Informed and Caring Guides

I found Bangladesh Unbound on the Internet and found the website so well done and interesting. I wanted to do everything. But settled for the Old Dhaka tour with Naeem. A great day. Seeing the sights with such a knowledgeable person was fun and interesting. (more…)

Lucian Victor Daghie
Sofia, Bulgaria
Customized Tour
6 December 2019

Always Ready to Assist but Never Intrusive

We were in Dhaka for 10 days for two weddings and wanted also to see something of the city and the countryside of Bangladesh. The tours were fabulous: everything was easily booked, and the trips were well planned and carried out. Our guide (Opu) was terrific- helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, always ready to assist but never intrusive. (more…)

Eliane Thweat
Texas, USA
Discover Bangladesh
2 December 2019

Most Beautiful Country I have Ever Visited!

It was the most beautiful country I have ever visited! Bangladesh Unbound has prepared for us a great itinerary, from Dhaka to the Ganges delta, Sundarbans, Khulna, many mosques and temples to Srimangal and Sylhet and let not forget Chittagong and cox’s Bazar.

Travelling by train plane and automobile was the best way to discover the beautiful culture of Bangladesh. the people have been super friendly and the food was divine.

Thanks, Farjana.

Valentina Pavel
Bucharest, Romania
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
30 November 2019

Anything and Everything Else was Truly Excellent!

The trip, service and anything and everything else was truly excellent! I corresponded with Farjana who was excellent-great advice and tailored things accordingly to my limited availability. I did the Dhaka city tour and the old capital tour. Opu my guide was great. On-time, considerate and tailored the tour as needed. He takes great pics too! I’m hopefully coming to Bangladesh again and will get in contact to book. (more…)

Camelia Gavrila
Copenhagen, Denmark
Ship-Breaking Yard Tour
26 November 2019

Everything went Completely According to Plan

I went on the full day tour flying down to Chittagong from Dhaka and going back on the train. It was a great trip with a good guide, and the visit to the Chittagong fish market as well as sailing out to the breakage yards where ships “come to die” was a fantastic learning experience.

Despite the inherent chaos in Bangladesh, everything went completely according to plan and was well organized from the pick-up in the early morning in the hotel to return late at night.

I can certainly recommend using them when in Bangladesh.

Juergen Richter
California, USA
Discover Bangladesh
22 November 2019

Wants to Experience Bangladesh? Strongly Recommend Bangladesh Unbound

We travel to learn and experience, not to relax at a resort or a beach. After 12 trips (most of them for four weeks) in the last 20 years to the region Pakistan, India [4 times], Sri Lanka, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar [3 times], we decided to travel to Bangladesh which is surrounded by these countries and shares a common history and present interactions with them. We choose Bangladesh Unbound in Sylhet as our tour company. (more…)

Jacob Strauss
Manhattan, USA
Dhaka City Tour
19 November 2019

Looking for a Great Tour? Look No Further!

This is my second tour of Old Dhaka, but my first experience with Bangladesh Unbound and I can honestly say hands down my experience with our guide Opu and Bangladesh Unbound FAR SURPASSED my experience and any expectations I had.

We coordinated this tour for my in-laws who were coming to visit, and the Bangladesh Unbound team was very responsive from our first interaction. (more…)

Julie Fulmer
New York, USA
Glories of Bangladesh
14 November 2019

Bangladesh is Very Safe and Almost Unspoilt with Mass Tourism

Know how much I enjoyed Bangladesh Unbound’s Tours 14 day trip in Bangladesh. The tour was incredibly professional whilst fun and a treat! Bangladesh is an amazing country!!! On one hand, Bangladesh is very safe to visit, and on the other – almost totally unspoilt with mass tourism. I learned a lot about the country and found the photography opportunities wonderful. Our group of four travelled to wonderful ancient sites, interesting villages, and the old capital of Sonargaon. Dhaka is incredible and a photographer’s dream. (more…)

Jane Nairne
Hertfordshire, England
Glories of Bangladesh
8 November 2019

Complaints - None at All

My sister and I travelled on the Glories of Bangladesh 14 day trip in November 2019. There were two other people in the group. The trip was well planned and our guide, Faisal, was wonderful. He spoke excellent English and was very good at sharing his knowledge of the local areas, historic sights etc with us. We told him that we loved to try the local food and he took us to excellent local restaurants and the best of the local stalls for delicious snacks. Faisal also took us to shop for souvenirs and evening trips around the markets in rickshaws – great fun. (more…)

Pablo Medina
Mexico City, Mexico
Sundarbans with Rocket
27 October 2019

Not Expecting to Fall in Love with Bangladesh!

My friend and I have been to many countries and were not expecting to fall in love with Bangladesh. From the moment we arrived, the people were warm, welcoming and generous. They loved having their photos taken and given there are so few tourists, they also took photos of us and I can’t count how many selfies we were in. We did the 6-day Rocket Steamer and Sundarbans tour with Bangladesh Unbound and I would highly recommend it. (more…)

Beverly Green
Colorado, USA
Discover Bangladesh
21 October 2019

Each day was a New Experience!

I loved their Discover Bangladesh tour. Each day was a new experience showing the beautiful country, culture, food, historical sites and people. The hotels on the tour were better than I expected having AC, western toilets, hot water, good beds and usually WiFi. The food was great including Indian, Bangladesh, Chinese, Thai. The vans were comfortable with outstanding drivers. Everything on this tour went like clockwork. I was extremely pleased with the itinerary and logistics of the tour. (more…)

Frorman Joerg
Frankfurt, Germany
Photography Tour
16 October 2019

Excellent level of Service

Enjoyed a fantastic day’s photo tour with Opu, himself an excellent guide. Communication before my visit to Dhaka was responsive and comprehensive and the excellent level of service continued on arrival. Upo met me at my hotel with a car and driver and we enjoyed an amazing day’s photography in Old Dhaka. The sights blew my mind. Moreover, everywhere we went people were very friendly and very very happy to feature in photos. They asked to have their photo taken! (more…)

Dalila Tapia
South Holland, Netherlands
Sundarbans Safari
10 October 2019

Bangladesh Unbound is the Place To Go

We were going to Dhaka for a meeting and decided to go a week earlier to see a very small bit of the country. After a lot of searching on the internet, we came to Bangladesh Unbound for the 6 days Rocket and Sundarbans Tour.

The first contact via email with Farjana was immediately good, and all the contact was. Also, the information on the website is extensive and informative. Before you go you must realize that Bangladesh is a country in development and the standards are somewhat different than in Europe. (more…)

James Manley
Missouri, USA
Sundarbans with Rocket
23 September 2019

Rarely Find a Place as Wonderful as Bangladesh - So Refreshingly Un-Touristed

We loved our trip. My friend and I are well travelled (she has been to 99 countries, and I’ve been to 91), and we both agreed that this was one of our best trips ever. We took the Six-Day Rocket & Sunderbans Tour, the ‘comfort’ option, and highly recommend it. It was a wonderful mix of sights and experiences: big, bustling, often chaotic, but always fascinating old Dhaka; the historic mosques and temples in Bagherat; and a serene boat journey through the unique Sunderbans. (more…)

Raymond Ananian
Durack, Australia
Ship-Breaking Yard Tour
12 September 2019

Off the Beaten Track for Something Unique

My father (70yrs) and I did the day trip from Dhaka to Chittagong to visit the ship-breaking coastline. It was a long day but very much worth it, our guide and the organisation from Bangladesh Unbound was fantastic. (more…)

Mina Arora
Delhi, India
Dhaka City Tour
30 August 2019

Really Satisfied!

Hi, the tour was amazing. Our tour guide Opu made the effort of explaining everything in detail which was good and my mother enjoyed her time talking and asking so many questions about Bangladesh. We in Malaysia have a misconception of how Dhaka is, the only thing we got right is the traffic. My god. But other than that it was beautiful. Sadly we couldn’t get it to the pink palace as it was close. Lalbagh Fort was beautiful and the boat ride was awesome. (more…)

Arlene Obetts
Freiburg, Germany
Dhaka City Tour
27 August 2019

We were Safe even in the Crazy Dhaka Traffic

We quickly realized after arriving in Dhaka that we as Europeans had no chance of exploring the city alone so we decided to book the Old Dhaka City Tour with Bangladesh Unbound. Booking the tour even last-minute worked perfectly via WhatsApp and even payment through an online platform was no problem. (more…)

Anne Taylor
Darwin, Australia
Sundarbans Safari
22 August 2019

Bangladesh is a Country for Those who Like Travel

An incredible experience. Dhaka during Eid (everyone is travelling!), the market bazaars, boat trips, the old city, crossing the Padma, Bergehat and a slow and easy trip down into the Sundarbans. I won’t take time to describe the random stop to watch rural jute processing. No (and I mean no) bugs during this time of year and no security concerns at all. Friendly people, the guide (Faisal), a boat crew that thought of things before I did and don’t let me forget the food. Bangladesh is a country for those who like travel and want to experience a country in its natural, unadulterated state without the overdone tourism of many places.

This operator hit all the right spots for me. My only regret is not having more time.

Dejan Jasnic
Osijek, Croatia
Dhaka City Tour
17 August 2019

A Great Day, Just as we Wanted it To Be

Returning to Bangladesh Unbound again for a very well organized tour. We wanted to spend a nice day out, see the main attractions in the old city, and experience the crowd, colours and warmth of the place and its people. Naeem took us around beautiful places, many of them hidden and not readily accessible to the newcomers to Dhaka. He told us about their history, told us stories about people making and remaking them. (more…)

Lesly Molyneux
Norwich, United Kingdom
Discover Bangladesh
25 April 2019

Very Professional Company that Nevertheless Treat Clients as Individuals

I had wanted to visit Bangladesh for some years. After the difficulty of trying to organise my tour, I found Bangladesh Unbound, and am so pleased I did. A very professional company that nevertheless treat clients as individuals. Farjana (Bangladesh Unbound’s owner) met me at the airport in Dhaka which was kind. The financial arrangements for the trip were easy and worked perfectly. (more…)

Natascha Fleurbon
Hanover, Germany
Sundarbans with Rocket
19 April 2019

A Fascinating Trip and Very well Organised

We booked the 6-day Rocket and Sundarbans trip, which was a great success. Dhaka is a bustling city but for us, the pleasure increased as we headed south and the 3 days spent on the boat in the mangrove swamps with only a few fishermen, wildlife and birds for the company was a true experience. Faisal our tour guide and Ali our wildlife guide were both knowledgeable and good company, providing us with a lot of broader information about their country. We were extremely impressed with the agricultural systems based largely around fish farming and rice production.

The quality, volume and variety of food on the boat in the Sundarbans was exceptional, particularly given how far we were from the nearest shop!

Overall, a fascinating trip and very well organised. I can strongly recommend Bangladesh Unbound.

Marije Schreur
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Customized Tour
11 April 2019

Very Pleasant and Relaxing Trip

We had a long weekend and had never been to Bangladesh, so took a chance and booked a short tour with Bangladesh Unbound. We took the train from Dhaka to Sreemangal to hike in the tea plantations, then back a couple of days later for a Dhaka city tour before flying out. It was a very pleasant and relaxing trip, though boarding the train in Dhaka was a bit of an adventure. We never could have done it without the help of our guide! (more…)

Guenther Eichhorn
Arizona, USA
Discover Bangladesh
28 March 2019

The Organization was Excellent, Everything Worked like Clockwork

Bangladesh Unbound organized my 4-week visit to Bangladesh. The organization was excellent, everything worked like clockwork. We covered all of Bangladesh. The people in Bangladesh were exceptionally friendly. There were 5 people in the group. Travel was mostly by van, with a few train rides and internal flights to cover longer distances. In the Sundarbans, we were on a small ship with 5 cabins for 2 nights. There was excellent food on the ship.

Bangladesh is well worth a visit.

Mimi Nasharuddin
Tanjung Tokong, Malaysia
Highlights of Bangladesh
25 March 2019

Took Care of us and made the Trip Unforgettable

We were 4 travel friends on the 10-day trip ‘Highlights of Bangladesh’. Bangladesh Unbound has made a wonderful trip where we both saw the market in the north, visited Dhaka, sailed with the wheeled steamer, saw Bagerhat with old mosques and sailed a few days in the delta of Sundarbans. We have had a fantastic trip and only meet sweet, friendly and curious Bangalese – never have we been photographed so much. (more…)

Mortem Elm
Frederiksberg, Denmark
Customized Tour
15 March 2019

The Right Choice for Sundarbans and Dhaka

After communicating with a couple of tour agencies in Bangladesh I chose Bangladesh Unbound for the Sundarbans tour for our family (two adults and two kids). And it turned out to be a great choice.

Naeem was a great guide. And the boat crew on the Sundarbans boat were also amazing. The boat is not a luxury boat – but it has everything you need. And I guess if you are travelling to Bangladesh you are not a 5-star resort person anyway. We loved every minute on the boat. (more…)

Dave Brown
Dundee, Scotland
Best of Bangladesh
5 March 2019

Experienced Traveller’s? Bangladesh is a Destination Worthy of Consideration

Earlier this year I visited Bangladesh. The trip I selected was ‘Best of Bangladesh’, an 18-day small-group tour offered by Bangladesh Unbound. I readily admit that I went into the experience knowing very little about the country and I was constantly surprised by how much it had to offer tourists. Our itinerary took us to the 4 corners of the country and provided us with a comprehensive introduction to the history, geography cultures and wildlife found there. (more…)

Jane King
Bristol, United Kingdom
Photography Tour
26 February 2019

Pleasantly Spent Travelling around Dhaka doing Street Photography

I was attracted to this tour company not only by their professional looking website but also by how quickly they responded by email to my initial enquiry as well as any subsequent questions. Typically, they answered in about 30 minutes and that gave me a lot of confidence in them. They didn’t try to bs me. If they didn’t know something or couldn’t help me at that time they told me what they could and invited me to get back in touch nearer the date of travel. (more…)

Joe Fiorante
Calgary, Canada
Sundarbans with Rocket
21 February 2019

Recommend going to Bangladesh Firstly, and Secondly choosing Bangladesh Unbound

I just came back from the Rocket and Sundarbans tour with Bangladesh Unbound. Bangladesh is wonderful and the people are extremely welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend going to Bangladesh firstly, and secondly choosing Bangladesh Unbound for a tour.

I had an excellent experience with them from the start. From the start, they were very quick to respond to my questions. Our guide was Naeem, who was very patient and accommodating. Our guide on the Sundarbans was Ali, who was excellent, as were the entire boat staff. (more…)

Andras Bodor
Zagreb, Croatia
Photography Tour
16 February 2019

Only Country where I felt so Much Warmth and Genuine Welcome from the People!

After reading many positive reviews, I decided to sign up for a photo tour with Bangladesh Unbound. I’m so glad I did. Ms. Farjana responded very quickly and arranged everything. Our guide Naeem was informative, friendly, considerate and spoke very good English. We travelled in a comfy a/c van, which was much appreciated. However, we were warned that we would have to walk a lot, and we did! (more…)

Tonny Davis
Sydney, Australia
Sonargaon Day Trip
11 February 2019

Packing so Much in a Day and Loving Every Minute of it

We chose to do the Old Capital Day Tour which was great from start to finish! Our guide Faisal was fantastic as was our driver. Packing in so much in a day and loving every minute of it.

Visiting Sonargoan, Panam Nagar, Sadarbari, Goaldi Mosque, a primary school for disadvantaged children and a visit to a char (small river island) with a stop for lunch at a local restaurant. The food was delicious. Loved everything on this tour and will return to take part in more. Thank you Farjana! (more…)

James Wilkinson
Chicago, USA
Sundarbans Safari
7 February 2019

Certainly, Return to Bangladesh to See More

We joined 3 other travelers on a 6-day tour, the highlight of which was the 3-day boat trip in the Sundarbans. The first day was spent in Dhaka where we explored the old city with our guide, who stayed with us for the whole trip.

We then travelled by ferry overnight, in a basic cabin, and the next day we visited the Mosque of Bagerhat, which was truly impressive. The following day we embarked on a 3-day boat trip in the Sundarbans, and although we did not see a tiger, the trip was truly memorable. (more…)

Carrie Goliasch
Munich, Germany
Sundarbans Safari
24 January 2019

Everything was of Great Interest and Everything was Well Organized

My prime aim was to visit the Sundarbans with the other parts of the trip as a bonus. In the event, everything was of great interest and everything was well organized. The guide (Faisal) was wonderful; he couldn’t have been more helpful and seemed knowledgeable about all aspects of the country and its people. I have travelled widely in India and had expected Bangladesh to be much the same; it is not and is well worth a visit even if you know the sub-continent well. (more…)

Dirk Damrau
London, United Kingdom
Sundarbans Safari
19 January 2019

Blown away pleasantly just by the Experience!

I did a six-day Dhaka/Sundarbans tour in January (adding another two-day tour at the front and back) and was blown away pleasantly just by the experience of visiting the world’s fifth (?) most populous country. I have travelled to about 150 countries in the past 25 years, and this was a recent highlight. Put away any preconceptions, be prepared for the unexpected (mostly good, some not so great) and feel really off the beaten path. (more…)

Martin Daniel
Nuremberg, Germany
Best of Bangladesh
15 January 2019

Want to Spot a Tiger? Contact Bangladesh Unbound

Our group of 3 friends explored Bangladesh with an 18-day custom tour perfectly crafted by Bangladesh Unbound. Bangladesh has some of the friendliest people on the planet. We had hundreds of requests for selfies, especially with families. It’s very safe. No one got sick, not at all. It was the ideal way to see Bangladesh.

Farjana is the person primarily responsible for bringing Western tourists to Bangladesh. That means he has the expertise and contacts to handle special requests such as 3 days on our boat in the Sundarbans, followed by a border crossing at Benapole. He understood all my requests and organized an exceptional trip. (more…)

Noah Pennartz
Kansas, USA
Sundarbans Safari
9 January 2019

Safe, Comfortable, Diverse Visit with a Small Travel Group

Born in Bangladesh, now a citizen of another nation? A world traveller with sadly no travel history in the land of your birth? Factors that made tourism a pleasure everyplace else could not possibly prevail in Bangladesh, so it is not an option, right?

Having taken a chance with Bangladesh Unbound, I am happy to state that I have revised that notion. A small company, but with outsize courage, ambition and competence, Bangladesh Unbound provided me with a safe, comfortable, diverse visit within a small intimate travel group. (more…)

John Byrnes
San Diego, United States
Sundarbans with Rocket
2 January 2019

Boat Trip around the Sundarbans was Fantastic

I recently did the Sundarbans tour with Rocket. The boat trip around the Sundarbans was fantastic. The Rocket was unfortunately out of service at the time but the substitute boat was still very good.

The people in Bangladesh are all friendly and I never felt threatened at any time. I would say that the country is very safe for visitors these days. The guide and the boat people were all great and very helpful.

I would recommend this tour to anyone looking for an exciting and interesting trip.

Tom Verbeten
Wisconsin, United States
Glories of Bangladesh
30 December 2018

Excellent, Providing Insight into the Country’s History and Culture

When I told people I was going to Bangladesh, the usual reply was ‘why?’ or ‘what’s there?’, coupled with a quizzical look. It is indeed an ‘out there’ destination, often overlooked due to its proximity to India, a tourism magnet.

Farjana, the owner, efficiently handled all the booking details and was always prompt in that regard, an indication of attention to the client. The Glory of Bangladesh tour was excellent, providing insight into the country’s history and culture. Its core interest for me was covering the country’s three World Heritage Sites [Bagerhat, Sundarbans and Somapura Mahavihara]. The tour provided so much more. (more…)

Julie Knell
North Island, New Zealand
Sundarbans Safari
26 December 2018

Sundarbans Safari is a Must

The trip was a thrilling adventure. Our guides went beyond expectations to make us feel safe and cared for. They were knowledgeable, unbelievable helpful extremely kind, fun and friendly. The entire trip run smoothly with connections with transport, and the drivers and hotels were lovely. The meals were incredible and just a warning, the chilli is hot!!

Booking with Bangladesh Unbound was a dream and nothing seemed to be a problem to accommodate us. I simply can’t fault the experience and can’t wait to return.

Nicole Wiesenfeld
Quebec, Canada
Glories of Bangladesh
21 December 2018

The Glory of the Bangladesh Tour was a Glorious Experience

The 14-day Glory of Bangladesh was a wonderful tour. It had a varied and excellent itinerary of the big-city sights of Dhaka, the wildlife of the Sundarbans (lots of birds, boars and deer), interesting archaeological sites and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and villages that were very interesting, very non-touristy, and welcoming.

The people of Bangladesh were very friendly and open. We had great fun taking photos of all. Our tour guide spoke excellent English and was very helpful and informative. The only negative was the government limiting my visa because of the upcoming election. But the closed and very quiet Dhaka was perfectly safe and we wandered around freely.

I would strongly recommend both visiting Bangladesh and Bangladesh Unbound.

Kathryn Fern
Cheadle Hulme, England
Customized Holiday
18 December 2018

Pleasantly Surprised by the Friendliness and Curiosity of the Local People

I spent three weeks in Bangladesh and joined two tours with Bangladesh Unbound – Treasures of Chittagong and Highlights of Bangladesh. Both are very very well organized and enjoyable. The itinerary was well planned to include everything interesting there was to see, which in Bangladesh is the often the people going about their ordinary lives.

The guide was also flexible and allowed us to make some small changes, skipping things we weren’t so interested in, and finding other things that suited us. I liked that we traveled a lot on trains and boats and used CNG (tut-tuk) for short trips. The accommodation was simple but perfectly good, and it’s clear that Farjana, the company owner, has cultivated reliable local contacts. (more…)

Christine Franklin
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Glories of Bangladesh
15 December 2018

Wonderful Trip certainly Delivered Beyond Expectation

Wow. This wonderful trip with Bangladesh Unbound tours certainly delivered beyond expectation. Five of us travelled on this two-week adventure in December. It was extremely well organised and so diverse in every respect that it made for one of the best travel adventures ever.

The throbbing, sensual heart of Dhaka with the continuous ring of the rickshaw bells will live with me. We walked the narrow streets lined with vendors of every description and were met with friendly enquiries as to where we were from and requests for selfies. These seemed to give enormous pleasure and an opportunity for conversation with the friendliest and most charming of people while we visited the important locations in Dhaka. (more…)

Rachel Lawrence
Abingdon, United Kingdom
Sundarbans Safari
11 December 2018

Time in the Sundarbans Feel More Like a Week!

We were met at Dhaka airport and transferred to our hotel where, after a night to recover, we began an action-packed 5-day tour. Our guide, Faisal, was very knowledgeable and helpful. After a day exploring the colorful, frantic chaos that is Dhaka it was a relief to board the Rocket and escape down the hazy river. After a comfortable night on board, we drove to Bagerhat where my love of all things terracotta began… not to mention the stunning pillars of the Sixty Domed Mosque! (more…)

Adrian Meister
Zurich, Switzerland
Sundarbans Safari
7 December 2018

Trip with Bangladesh Unbound was a Great Experience

Our trip with Bangladesh Unbound was a great experience. Well organized with a good driver and a friendly guide, we made it through the country for 7 days. An impressive Rocket cruise, a ride on an express train and a drive on a modern van made our tour very memorable.

The peoples are friendly and Bangaladesh is a safe county. The guide Mr. Naeen was very helpful and knowledgeable. He gives us a deep insight into the local culture and living circumstances of the Bangladesh people.

Jonny Hopps
Manchester, England
Customized Tour
2 December 2018

Bangladesh is so Friendly and Fun!

I was meant to be doing an 8 day Sundarbans tour in late November but due to a cyclone the week before I travelled the National park was closed. I had already booked my flights so I asked Farjana what my options were. I was travelling solo and 2 others were in the same situation as me and they opted to do a tour involving Sreemangal tea plantations + Lawachara national park, Dhaka, and Barisal backwaters tours over the 8 days. (more…)

Andre Esser
Zagerscappel, France
Sundarbans Safari
25 November 2018

Less Known than India but No Less Interesting

Here is an unknown country, but which gains to be it and which one gains to know, for the kindness of its inhabitants, the quality of the reception which one finds precisely only in the countries not yet adulterated by the mass tourism. This country does not seem as dangerous to me as we are told; nowhere did I feel insecure.

The Bangladesh Unbound tour agency is very competent, its guides available, very honest and vigilant for good. To be as well as to the satisfaction of their customers. A very good address for us to discover the Sundarbans, Sonargaon, Bagherat, as well as other splendid sites less known than those of India but no less interesting.

Samuel Gomberg
Chicago, USA
Sundarbans Safari
22 November 2018

The whole Trip Exceeded my Expectations

My trip with Bangladesh Unbound in Bangladesh went great. I found Bangladesh to be a friendly, safe, and beautiful country. Our guides were attentive, organized, and knowledgeable. The whole trip exceeded my expectations.

Our tour started in Dhaka which can only be described as organised mayhem. Having a good guide in the city was absolutely the way to go. Faisal kept track of our group and was very well organized which allowed us to take in the sights of the city and truly enjoy our experience there. The people of Dhaka are friendly and courteous and I never once felt unsafe. But navigating Dhaka without a guide would be a challenge. (more…)

Steve Owad Jones
Brisbane, Australia
Sundarbans Safari
13 November 2018

Make Travelling in a Developing Country a Delightful Experience

I’ve just returned from an outstanding tour of the Sundarbans forest in the South of Bangladesh, organized by Bangladesh Unbound, and benefit from exceptional guiding by Arafat Rasul. When I researched the trip, it became apparent that Bangladesh Unbound presented one of the few (possibly only) regular small-group tour options for the Sundarbans. These trips are popular, and I was able to take advantage of a late-stage cancellation, it’s because the boat that Bangladesh Unbound charters can carry a maximum of 6 guests, but commonly groups are smaller, in my case 3 guests only. (more…)

Issak Pollaks
Stockholm, Sweden
Dhaka City Tour
8 November 2018

The Perfect way to See and Experience Dhaka

I want to give my warmest compliments to Bangladesh Unbound and especially to my guide Naeem for showing me Dhaka and its sights the other day. It was like seeing the city with a good friend, Very relaxing and informative. We used rickshaws, walked around and also took a boat tour on the river. (more…)

Stephen Wilkes
Worcester, United Kingdom
Glories of Bangladesh
2 November 2018

Everywhere we were Warmly Welcomed and Treated like Royalty!

We have recently completed a fascinating tour in Bangladesh. It was arranged by Bangladesh Unbound and we cannot fault the organization. All went extremely smoothly despite the vagaries of the Bangladesh transport system.

Our guide, Arafat, was excellent. He took meticulous care of us throughout and was hugely informative, taking us to some amazing places and making sure we experienced authentic Bangladesh. Our drivers, Liton and Mostak, were skillful and careful drivers at all times. (more…)

Michael O’Reilly
British Columbia, Canada
Customized Holiday
23 October 2018

Friendly and Professional and had Great Knowledge

I flew into Dhaka city with only two nights booked at the hotel. That afternoon I started deciding what and where I wanted to do and see. Contacted Bangladesh Unbound and the quick response and what they had to offer was fantastic.

The drivers and guides were friendly and professional and had great knowledge of the country and sites I saw like Old Dhaka city, Sundarbans National Park, Tea plantations in the east, Archaeological sites in the north-west, Had a great 3 1/2 weeks in Bangladesh.

Lisa Buckley
New York, USA
Sundarbans Safari
11 October 2018

What an Adventure!

What an adventure! Everything was excellent. The tour guides were so helpful and knowledgeable. The staff was attentive and kind, making sure this vegetarian was well taken care of.

Yes, Bangladesh is a third-world country but never once did I feel unsafe or nervous. The Bangladeshi people are inquisitive and very friendly.

This gal will be returning for more adventures in this beautiful country!

Alison Sweeting
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dhaka City Tour
6 October 2018

Wow! Had a Great Day around Dhaka

Wow had a great day around Dhaka. The tour guide, Naeem was fantastic. Just the right level of information, fun and laughter. Very interesting history and the sights are being maintained.
Security is present but I was a single lady on this tour, it was perfectly safe and a friendly positive attitude from everyone. Smiles and chatting to all.

Highly recommend Bangladesh Unbound.

Rita Marbach
Wroclaw, Poland
Dhaka City Tour
1 October 2018

One of the Best Tours we Have Ever Done

My wife and I aren’t big on landmarks. We prefer getting into shops and markets and interacting with locals. Naeem was phenomenal at putting together a great day of seeing Dhaka like a local.

Markets, watching people board the trains and boats. Buying some local souvenirs and spices. It was a fantastic day.

It was one of the best tours we have ever done. Highly recommended.

David Reif
Virginia, United States
Dhaka City Tour
21 September 2018

Very Special Thanks for an Amazing Time

We had a fantastic time. Nayeem – our guide – was WONDERFUL. He was VERY professional, knowledgeable, helpful and well-spoken. We thoroughly enjoyed everything. We have NO complaints at all and will highly recommend your tour to anyone visiting Dhaka.

Our driver was also very good and helpful and shared lots of information as he was driving and telling us about places along the way.

Please do extend a VERY SPECIAL thanks to Nayeem for an amazing time and for making us feel comfortable and safe during the whole experience. He’s THE BEST. Truly a 5-star guide.

Gabriele Grossenbacher
Bern, Switzerland
Rocket Steamer Tour
9 September 2018

There was No Situation where we have Felt Unsafe or Uncomfortable

My daughter, her friend and I booked the Rocket Steamer Tour in September this year. We all enjoyed this tour with Bangladesh Unbound. The guide, Nayeem, was very professional. We were impressed by his knowledge about all the different places we visited, and his English is also very good. I had been a bit anxious as I think it is not too common in Bangladesh for three ladies to travel on their own, but there was no situation where we would have felt unsafe or uncomfortable. Nayeem looked very well after us and made always sure that everything went well. He also took us to two good restaurants for lunch. We enjoyed the nice and fresh Bangladeshi food very much. (more…)

Daniel Garrett
Minnesota, USA
Dhaka City Tour
23 June 2018

Amazing Introduction to Dhaka and Bangladesh

I spend the day with Faisal and the driver who showed me the sights of Dhaka. Besides the sites, they shared this history, and a lot about the culture, politics and view in Bangladesh. This was priceless. We stopped for lunch at a lovely local restaurant – I had the very tasty mutton biryani. I saw the commerce up close via rickshaw and boat and visited the lovely mosques, temples, the museum and the fort.

A great experience. The market was chaotic, so prepare yourself for an extremely crowded and up-close experience.

Peter Kubisewsky
Manitoba, Canada
Sundarbans Safari
13 June 2018

The only thing I Regret is Not Booking a Longer Trip

I spent a week traveling with Bangladesh Unbound around Bangladesh and the Sundarbans, and it was easily the best decision to choose their services to be my guide. The tour was excellent and our guide Faisal ‎was great. You could tell that he really enjoyed his job and he always put our happiness first, doing everything he could to make sure we always had everything we needed. Even though we had many different drivers throughout the tour, they were all excellent and the tour ran very seamlessly, from pickup to drop off. (more…)

Zachary Brabazon
Brisbane, Australia
Highlights of Bangladesh
16 May 2018

We Got the Most Out of our Experience in Bangladesh

I took my daughter and son with me on this tour and we had a great time. Our guide (Faisal) was exceptional, great with the kids and always looking to make sure we got the most out of our experience in Bangladesh.

You’ve gotta take Bangladesh for what it is and enjoy it. Sunderbans was amazing – good I hope we can save the Tigers – Dhaka is confronting to the senses, and eye-opening. The People of Bangladesh were the highlight, friendly, inquisitive and open. The interactions we had with villages and the community were fabulous. Kids had a ball, as did I.

Andrew Parker
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Sundarbans Safari
10 May 2018

Everything was Well Arranged and Very Professional

I was always curious to visit Bangladesh and with Bangladesh Unbound I had a fantastic tour. Everything was well arranged and very professional, and our guide Faisal was a great person that I enjoyed hanging out with. I feel we got the most out of this country as we could in the timeframe of a week. We visited Dhaka, went to the heritage site of Bagherat and the surrounding countryside, and toured the Sundarbans. To me, the people are the most amazing part of Bangladesh, and I’m glad that Bangladesh Unbound has provided me with this experience.

Highly recommended.

Pavel Vedernikov
Moscow, Russia
Sunderbans Safari
25 April 2018

Sunderbans, a Special Place in the World!

It’s my second journey to Bangladesh and after 3 years I am lucky to find out again that Bangladesh Unbound is a perfect company with a high level of services. They are very professional and they help their guests to see the most interesting places in the most possible comfortable way. I liked almost everything: hotels, food, schedule, etc.

Our guide Faisal was attentive and hospitable. He did his best to make our journey memorable and not miss no one interesting place on our route. And there was so much beauty all around in Sunderbans, it’s a special place in the world! Highly recommended to visit.

Jennifer Watson
British Columbia, Canada
Highlights of Bangladesh
15 April 2018

Have a Genuine Experience of Bangladesh

I wanted to visit Bangladesh, but I didn’t feel comfortable travelling alone as a single woman who doesn’t speak the local language. I booked the Highlights of Bangladesh small group tour and I was amazed by how many different sites and activities were included in a relatively short time (9 days excluding arrival and departure). (more…)

Kathy France
Liverpool, England
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
4 April 2018

Bangladesh is a Country Worth Visiting

I spent a weekend in Bangladesh and booked two-day trips with Bangladesh Unbound.
Friday I did the Sonargaon tour and Saturday I did a tour of Dhaka.

Both trips exceeded my exceptions. Faisal, our tour guide was excellent throughout the trip. Anything we needed he got for us and any questions we had he was able to answer or found the answer for us. (more…)

Guenter Karsten Frosch
Hamburg, Germnay
Sundarbans Safari
17 March 2018

Off the Beaten Track, with Reliable Service and a Safe Tour Operator

I booked a five-day Sunderban tour with Bangladesh Unbound in March and thoroughly enjoyed it. With only a few days to add to a business trip to Bangladesh and no local language skills, solo travel in Bangladesh is not an option, so joining an organised tour seemed the best bet. (more…)

Benjamin Thomas
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Highlights of Bangladesh
9 March 2018

I would give 6/5 if I Could, Superb Tour and Worth Every Penny

I had a fantastic experience with Bangladesh Unbound on a 5-night, 6-day tour of the Sundarbans.

The booking process was excellently managed by Farjana, the owner of the company. The website and paying system is efficient and secure and Farjana was very helpful in answering any questions I had before the start of the tour.

Our tour had four people on it, all of whom were very friendly. My itinerary was as follows: (more…)

Kirsten Christoffersen
Bergen, Norway
Exploring Bangladesh
3 March 2018

Bangladesh Unbound took us Almost to Every Corner of the Country

We have just come back from a 23 days trip to Bangladesh, which took us almost to every corner of the country. We experienced traveling by trains, cars, boats and planes. It was very interesting and very hectic as well. All the people we met were very friendly and curious, and probably not used to tourists, we felt special, as hundreds wanted to take selfies with us.

The itinerary could have been better with fewer mosques/temples, and more free time. The drivers were friendly and good drivers, it is important to remember that the driving pattern is much more chaotic than in the western countries, but we felt safe all the time. Our guide for most of the period was very knowledgeable, had a keen eye for spotting wildlife (we did see the wild fishing cat and king cobra). His name was Arafat, and we highly recommend him.

Brian Offenther
Kentucky, USA
Glories of Bangladesh
26 February 2018

We made it to Every Attraction without Ever Seeming Rushed

I returned recently from the 14-day Glories of Bangladesh tour and I had a great time. I normally travel on my own but since Bangladesh has a weak infrastructure I thought it would be easier with a guide. I was not at all disappointed as the trip went off without a hitch. Remarkably, considering how busy the itinerary seemed, we made it to every attraction without ever seeming rushed. (more…)

Gary LeClair
Oregon, USA
Discover Bangladesh
19 February 2018

Our Best Tour Ever in the World

My wife and I arrived in Dhaka for 30 days of touring with Bangladesh Unbound. We are senior Americans with extensive travel experience, but my wife has a leg condition that requires her to keep her legs flat in a vehicle. We had emailed back and forth and Farjana (the owner) assured us we would have a private van with just the two of us for our entire tour. Indeed, everything was as promised. (more…)

Rachel Hingis
Bern, Switzerland
Customized Holiday Trip
9 February 2018

A Unique and Great Experience that You don't Get often Anywhere!

The trip, accompanied by Bangladesh Unbound, was well organized and offered an extremely rich and well-chosen insight into everyday life as well as into the cultural treasures and natural wealth of Bangladesh. The floating markets in Barisal were very impressive, as were the mosques in Bagherat and the boat trip through the mangrove forests (Sundarbans) were simply sensational. Guides, like the local crew, were extremely nice and told us a lot about the country.

I can only recommend a trip to Bangladesh with Bangladesh Unbound!

Steve Beilly
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Glories of Bangladesh
2 February 2018

Bangladesh was Everything I Imagined and More

Bangladesh was everything I imagined and more. People were very friendly, wanting to take our photos (a first as a tourist), as well as us wanting to take photos of them. The cruise on the Sundarbans was my favourite; could have done a day or so more. Very comfortable boat, lovely crew and plenty of delicious food. Faisal our leader and Ali our Sundarbans guide were excellent, very knowledgeable. It made a lovely change for me to be in a small group of 5 (less hassle for the leader and easier to make friends). (more…)

Kathleen Hansen
Queensland, Australia
Barisal Backwater Tour
22 January 2018

I would Not Hesitate to Use Bangladesh Unbound Again

Ms Farjana from Bangladesh Unbound organized the Rocket Steamship ride and a Barisal Backwater tour for us with Dhaka City tour and Sonagoan Old Town tour tacked on either end. We found this company excellent to work with. Farjana was very responsive to my requests and organized everything we asked for. (more…)

Janice Friend
Portland, USA
Discover Bangladesh
15 January 2018

Best Guide EVER!

My husband and I are just finishing up a 30-day long tour of Bangladesh. I have nothing but great things to say about the entire experience, from booking the tour with Bangladesh Unbound, to making a friend with our guide, Arafat. My husband dealt with Farjana, the owner of Bangladesh Unbound, so he can speak to that part. (more…)

John Pearson
Toronto, Canada
Dhaka City Tour
8 January 2018

Great Dhaka Day Trip with Bangladesh Unbound

My friend and I took a weekend stopover trip to Bangladesh and wanted to visit the sites in Dhaka. We contacted Farjana and she was very quick in responding to my email very quickly the tour was set for an 8 am hotel pick up to tour the old Dhaka.

Our tour guide was Faisal, a full-time tour guide and our driver Liton was at the hotel lobby when we stepped down around 7:50. (more…)

Gan Hui Hoon
Singapore, Singapore
Sundarbans Safari
3 January 2018

Glad, I was Not Affected by Rumours and had Discovered the True Beauty of Bangladesh

My friend and I (two females) took 1-day Old Capital Tour and 6-days Rocket & Sundarbans Tour with Bangladesh Unbound.

Before the trip, many friends asked: Why Bangladesh? I replied: Why not?!
After the trip, many friends asked: Would you go back again? I replied the same: Why not?! (more…)

Judith Colston Jones
Budapest, Hungary
Best of Bangladesh
3 December 2018

Bangladesh is a Great Country to Must-Visit

Bangladesh – a beautiful country with colourful, friendly, smiling people – a great country to must-visit.

Admittedly, not an easy country to travel independently so that is why we enlisted the expert help of Bangladesh Unbound (Sylhet) to ensure we made the most of our 18 days. We choose the tour Best of Bangladesh as we didn’t want to miss a thing. We were greeted at the airport by Farjana, the owner of the company with Liton (who would be our driver most of the time) and taken to our hotel to acclimatize. (more…)

Helen Reynolds
London, United Kingdom
Best of Bangladesh
21 November 2018

Another Amazing Trip with Bangladesh Unbound

Our second visit to Bangladesh both three weeks in duration superbly organised by Farjana for the four of us – what a great welcome back. She may be the boss but he thinks of everything and has an endearing charm and a fabulous sense of humour and like all Bangladeshis, she is open kind-hearted and generous. (more…)

John R Clearwater
Auckland, New Zealand
Customized Holiday
11 November 2018

Policemen Carry our Bags into Hotels

My brother Steve and I spent nearly a month in Bangladesh in November as guests of Farjana of Bangladesh Unbound. Steve is an ancient city (cultural) tourist and I am a biological tourist. We both had plenty to enjoy.

The highlight for me was the 3 days we spent in the Sunderbans, travelling in a converted fishing boat. Our cook produced excellent meals from his tiny galley. The very large river prawns, Faissha fish (Gold spotted mullet) were especially tasty. Morning and evening, we explored the waterways in a small sculled boat. Arafat, the wildlife guide was very knowledgeable and able to identify all the birds seen. This included all 7 species of kingfisher, the common flame back woodpecker with a brilliant red crest and many greater and lesser egrets, black hooded oriole and crested serpent eagle. There were numerous spotted deer (chital), wild boar and rhesus monkeys. We saw lots of tiger footprints. We were lucky to see the rare short-clawed otter. The most unusual animal was the river dolphin with a distinct neck and long beak filled with teeth. (more…)

Alistair McKinley
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Barisal Backwater Tour
3 November 2017

We had a Great Time, saw Many Beautiful Things and met Lovely People

Farjana and her crew made sure we had a great time in Bangladesh. We always felt safe, and it was value for money! The boat trip with the Rocket was a highlight. The backwaters of Barisal were beautiful. We felt like movie stars in every village.

Farjana and her guides Masbah and Mushi made sure we had a great experience on our first visit to Bangladesh. They took care of everything for us. The highlight for me was the boat trip in the backwaters of Barisal…amazing!

We had a great time and we saw many beautiful things and met a lot of very lovely Bengali people, Farjana and Mushi and Masbah worked very hard to give us, a group of nine, a great time!

Feroz Ahmed
Bahrain, Qatar
Dhaka City Tour
29 October 2017

We have Given a Police Escort like VIPs

Paid a low price and got a private tour of only my Wife and myself. My wife had a fear of rickshaw rides since young but after taking it, she loved it and cannot stop asking me to take her for more rides now. She also cannot swim but liked the boat ride which was more private than the gondola ride we had in Venice. The only problem with the boat ride was the condition of the water which was black. However, we saw boat sailors using the black water to wash their clothes, bathe and even brush their teeth. The food (chicken biriyani) at the restaurant was nice but we had a little difficulty eating properly as it was served in a bowl and not on a plate. Remember to ask for it on a plate. Tour guide Masbah was a part-timer as he was a student at the local university but knew his job and guided us professionally without any hiccups. (more…)

Jim Bolton
Sydney, Australia
National Assembly Tour
21 October 2017

I'm Glad I got What I came to See with an added Authentic Experience

I came here like a bucket list to see great architecture, in this case, the Parliament building done by Louis Kahn. The bad news was security became very tight as this was after the Paris bombings. But still, I was managed to the building and visit one of the marvels of modern architecture in the world. (more…)

Ilonca Raymond
Cambridge, New Zea Land
Customized Holiday
14 October 2017

I haven't Stopped Raving about the Country

Bangladesh Unbound, Farjana the owner of the company, is extremely efficient and easy to communicate with. We had 7 nights in Bangladesh and it was so amazing!! Bangladesh would be one of the only countries in the world where the local people do not mind having their photos taken! The people are not used to having lots of tourists visiting their country, they are inquisitive and super friendly. Farjana had suggested we do a photo tour as that takes us into areas where the local people live and that was such a good suggestion as I have amazing photos of people doing day to day things.
We did a mixture of tours – 3-day tours in Dhaka then we headed out to the tea plantation area.
We felt very safe and well looked after whilst on the tour. (more…)

Sally Jackson
Devon, United Kingdom
Customize Holiday
8 October 2017

We Left with Amazing Memories and Two New Friends

My husband and I booked a 26-day tailor-made holiday to Bangladesh in Oct/Nov 2017 through Bangladesh Unbound. From start to finish it was excellent and I would highly recommend this company and especially Arafat who was our guide throughout and who was excellent. There were some things I would have done differently with hindsight but overall we had the most amazing time and meet the most amazing people. Apart from Arafat, I would also like to make a special mention for Liton who was our driver for the majority of the trip and who also went out of his way to make every day enjoyable. (more…)

Hilary Heath Caldwell
Napier, New Zealand
Customize Tour
24 September 2017

An Itinerary that took us from One Side of Bangladesh to the other

I know Bangladesh is complicated at times and am so pleased that I decided to go with Bangladesh Unbound. I emailed Farjana about 6 months ago and she did an itinerary for me that looked very full and took us from one side of Bangladesh to the other. We then had to do a deposit via the Internet. It was a little tricky but worked. We did everything on our tour plus more. (more…)

Simon Schrodinger
Vienna, Austria
Customize Tour
13 September 2017

Felt Like a Good Friend was Showing us Around his Home Country

Farjana was very prompt about responding to all my messages and inquiries before the trip. Made things very easy for me to book with them, even on such short notice. Our local guide Masbah and our driver Liton were both fantastic. Masbah was great at troubleshooting anything that came our way (things get quite unpredictable in Bangladesh – Rocket steamer not working last minute, train not available, etc), it felt like a good friend was showing us around his home country. He took us to the Janmashtami festival per our request, which turned out to be the highlight of our time in Bangladesh.

I would highly recommend it, especially if you have limited time in Bangladesh, they will help you maximize your stay. Thanks, Bangladesh Unbound tours!

Maggie Chan
Beijing, China
Customize Tour
7 September 2017

Thank you! We are Fully Satisfied

We visited Dhaka National Assembly, Old City and Sundarbans National Forest as a combination one day tour! The guide, Masbah, is a good and reliable person and he organized our tour flexibly.
In the last, they sent us to the airport as our wish.

Thank you! We are totally satisfied.

Jane Berryman
Pennsylvania, United States
Sundarbans Safari
16 August 2017

The Best Tour Company to Use in Bangladesh

An interesting, fun, adventurous and enjoyable week in Bangladesh, thanks to owner Farjana and my guide, the ebullient Arafat. The guides speak excellent English, accommodate requests where and when they can, and take pride and pleasure in sharing the treasures of Bangladesh with tourists. Other than that, thumbs up all the way. And wait until you taste the barbeque on their boat to the Sundarbans!


Nigel Sawyer
Dublin, Ireland
Photography Tour
9 August 2017

We will not Forget our Day in Dhaka

We booked this trip on spec a couple of days in advance, a day Photography tour, Masbah our guide was a super nice guy, helpful patient and knowledgeable. The car to start the tour was on time and everything well organised, including a very good local food lunch. The sights, sounds and more than that the people were almost overwhelming, this tour is not for the faint-hearted. Markets and bustling streets as packed with so so many people all of whom smile at you and are only too happy for you to take their picture. The weather was mixed (monsoon for much of the day) which meant lots of mud and water so sturdy shoes are a must.

We will not forget our day in Dhaka – not least because of the 400 or so action-packed pictures I took.

Stephen R Max
Bonn, Germany
Barisal Backwater Tour
30 July 2017

Simply the Best Choice for any Adventurer

I’ve booked the Barisal Backwater Tour together with a friend of mine. The planned date was the 30th of July but because of a cyclone, we had to reschedule it to the next day. Ms Farjana (CEO of Bangladesh Unbound) and Mr Arafat Rasul arrived as agreed in our hotel and asked us very politely if it is OK for us to try departing the next day. No problem for us and not their fault. (more…)

Christin Haley
Houston, United States
Dhaka City Tour & Barisal Backwater Tour
18 June 2017

Closer Look at Bangladesh than I could have Ever Imagined

With great organization by Farjana, insightful thoughts on local surroundings by Masbah (in Dhaka) and Arafat (Barisal), and well-coordinated logistics by Liton, this trip offered a closer look at Bangladesh than I could have ever imagined. The unpredictable environment offered Bangladesh Unbound countless opportunities to manage an array of events with a substantial amount of finesse to create ease for its travellers.

I look forward to my next visit!

Ferdinand Pessoa
Lisbon, Portugal
National Assembly Tour
9 May 2017

Driver and Guide from Bangladesh Unbound were Waiting for me at the Airport

This was a short trip (one day) to Bangladesh to see and take pictures of the National Assembly. Driver and Guide from Bangladesh Unbound were waiting for me at the airport. They were very professional and assist me very well to take the pictures (the building was magnificent). They took very good care of me and provided instructions for security.

Renee Esch
Stockholm, Sweden
Tea Capital Tour
21 April 2017

Not have Seen or Experienced as Much in such a Short Time

Went on a 2-day leisure tour to Srimingal, a good decision it turned out. The nature and the area, in general, is a great break from the noise in Dhaka. Was initially being a bit nervous about travelling around by myself but thanks to my guide Arafat I could relax and had a great time.

I would not have seen or experienced as much in such a short time on my own.

Vincent Hasselbach
Munich, Germany
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
11 April 2017

Very Professional Tour Operator had an Excellent Understanding of my Expectations

I have visited 15 different countries in Asia (most of them between 2 and 10 times), and I usually have professional photo equipment with me. This time I decided on very short notice to fly to Dhaka for 4 days.

First of all: Dhaka is among the three most interesting cities in entire Asia. From a Tourist perspective, Dhaka is highly underrated. (more…)

John Cormack
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Exploring Bangladesh
8 April 2017

Explore Bangladesh? Can do no Better than Bangladesh Unbound

After 22 days of touring Bangladesh with Masbab, Liton, Arafat, Mr Lemon, and Ali and his boat crew, we feel that we have seen the real Bangladesh. The organizing of the tour from first contact to the conclusion was first-rate, professional seamless and hassle-free. We were looked after so well by Farjana and her team. Liton was a great driver (he made me say that) no not it’s hard to relax on Bangladesh’s roads but we managed it with Liton. Our guide Masbab had a great sense of humour and we enjoyed his company. Arafat also and even managed to show us a rare Hullook Gibbon at Lawachara National Park. On the boat trip on the Sunderbans, we especially enjoyed the birds, animals and daily life and the food was great! Each part of the country has something different to offer and it was this diversity that made the holiday for us.

Thank you to all the staff at Bangladesh Unbound for making our stay so memorable. Anyone wishing to explore Bangladesh can do no better than Bangladesh Unbound.

Thomas Rickert
Atlanta, USA
Sundarbans Safari
5 April 2017

Bangladesh Unbound make Travelling Easy in a Difficult Country

I recently returned from a wonderful 6-day tour to Bangladesh with Bangladesh Unbound. My tour, “Sundarbans Excursion with Rocket”, far exceeded my expectations. Spent 3 days in Sundarbans on a very adequate boat with a friendly and caring crew. Saw a great variety of colourful birds, dolphins, and various animals here, the world’s largest mangrove forest. Went on a fun 80-year-old paddle steamer boat through the extensive river system in the southern part of the country. (more…)

Susan Bicknell
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Best of Bangladesh
26 March 2017

Go Soon before the Crowds Rush in and Enjoy Yourself!

Bangladesh Unbound organised a very comprehensive and satisfying tour of this unusual and little-visited country. Ms Farjana, Arafat the guide and Liton the driver, managed to take us, 4 ladies of certain ages with baggage, around a country in its infancy of tourism. They certainly showed us “The Best of Bangladesh” in 18 days on the Original tour. We saw Mosques, Temples and monasteries, crocodiles, birds and bazaars, rice paddies and brick factories and People!. They are the smiliest people I have ever met with a huge penchant for taking “Selfies”. We felt like royalty, but it also allowed us to take photos of them too, for our memories. (more…)

Iwan Gehrig
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
19 March 2017

Great Content, Great Guides, Great Value, Great Time

As the title suggests we thoroughly enjoyed our two 1 day tours with Bangladesh Unbound. The communication to arrange the tour was excellent and prompt, which was great since we only booked a week in advance.

The guides were great, excellent English (one of the guides had studied in England). The tours were informative and an excellent choice, since there is no way that I would have been able to visit all the sights.

James Wilkinson
The Hague, Netherlands
Sundarbans Safari
14 March 2017

Best Tour Agency of Bangladesh!

My buddy and I went on a 6 day trip to Old Dhaka and the Sunderbans. Bangladesh Unbound took very good care of us! The owner Farjana wants to maintain the highest quality standards and we could truly feel that: A proper welcome at the airport, good English speaking, very friendly and knowledgeable tour guides, and good accommodation.

Don’t try to do it by yourself, book with Bangladesh Unbound and relax!

Gabriele Grossenbacher
Bern, Switzerland
Tea Capital Tour
11 March 2017

We Recommend Bangladesh Unbound without any Reservations

We recently went on a 2nd tour with Bangladesh Unbound, after we had been to Sylhet and Jaflong last year. Again, we were very happy with all the arrangements. Arafat Rasul, our tour guide, was organising everything perfectly and again he was very knowledgeable about the places we visited.

We liked the train ride from Dhaka to Srimangal – it is very entertaining to sit on your seat and watch life inside and outside of the train passing by. There is never a dull moment! (more…)

Gayle Twomey
Christchurch, New Zealand
Brass & Pottery Tour
6 March 2017

If we had More Time we would have Taken Another!

Communication with Bangladesh Unbound was always prompt, polite, and accommodating. Masbah (our guide) and Liton (our driver) were waiting for us early when we got downstairs at our meeting point. They answered all our questions, made us feel safe, and honoured the requests that we made. Liton was a very calm and safe driver this is not always the case in Bangladesh we’ve had some others that were a bit more aggressive. Masbah was a very knowledgeable young man who kept us well informed all day. (more…)

Paula Smallwood
Brisbane, Australia
Sonargaon Day Trip
2 March 2017

Experienced much More than my Previous Visit

On my previous three trips to Dhaka, I’ve hired a car and driver to take me and my travelling companions to the lovely area of Sonargaon. This time, I discovered Bangladesh Unbound and booked their Sonargaon Day Trip for our group of five. Our guide was warm and knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. Our driver was skilled and careful in the hectic traffic. Nothing was too much trouble for them – there was never a hint of impatience with our desire to linger longer in various places.

The absolute highlight of the tour was our visit to the char where we met so many lovely village people. I saw and experienced so much more than in my previous visits to this area. I recommend this tour company most highly, and I will be booking further trips with them on future visits to Bangladesh!

Nigel Goode
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Customize Tour
27 February 2017

Excellent and Took Care of Everything

Bangladesh Unbound called this a ‘classic’ tour of Bangladesh and it certainly provided a real taste of the capital Dhaka and the south of the country. It included a comprehensive look around Dhaka, a “rocket” boat trip to Bagerhat in the south, the many mosques of that reason and then an atmospheric train journey back to the capital.

Our guide Arafat was excellent and took care of everything (including most meals), a reassuring presence has given the often challenging nature of parts of the country.

Jessica Kumala
Jakarta, Indonesia
Dhaka City Tour
15 February 2017

Bangladesh Unbound the Top Tour Operator in Bangladesh

The guide (Masbah) and driver were very friendly and keep their energy positive all day long. They made a good effort in making us happy. They even got us a Bangladeshi sweet. Overall, it was evident why Bangladesh Unbound has rated the top tour operator in Bangladesh, it was because they made their staff and employees happy and therefore it reflects happy customers and then happy company/shareholders.

Keep it up!

Deirdre Cockcroft
Salisbury, United Kingdom
Best of Bangladesh
10 February 2017

Bangladesh Unbound has put Together an Excellent Introduction to this Wonderful Country

I was on the Bangladesh Unbound Scheduled Group Tour in February. Wherever we went we were made to feel special: on the four-cabin boat in the Sundarbans delicious food and snacks would magically appear from a tiny kitchen space. And from here we made quiet forays up the narrow canals in a small canoe to observe the wildlife. My favourites were the birds, especially the various kingfishers and golden orioles. Accompanied by a forest ranger with a rifle we felt safe from wild boars or tigers (rarely seen). We had to be satisfied with the early morning sight of tiger footprints in the mud. (more…)

Ahmed Abdullah
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Street Photography Tour
7 February 2017

Great Dhaka Street Photography Tour

I went on a guided photography tour with Masbah, starting with an early morning visit to the bustling and very photogenic Kawran Bazar and finishing with a boat ride on the Buriganga river. I managed to get some great photos a lot of which I would have never been able to take without the help and local guidance from Masbah.

Highly recommended!

Valerio Kalle
Turku, Finland
Dhaka City Tour
1 February 2017

Experience the True Dhaka with Bangladesh Unbound

We took in the old Dhaka day tour, booking and payment were very fast and smooth, everything was very professionally handled.

On the tour day the guide picked us up from our hotel in the morning to start the tour, we visited several sites around town, enjoyed some local food and did a boat ride in the river.

Our guide Arafat was very knowledgeable of the history of the places, we could ask questions about almost everything. I especially enjoyed the rickshaw rides in the crowded narrow streets of old Dhaka, where you can experience the true Dhaka.

Highly recommended, If you are staying in Dhaka for tourism or business, contact these guys!

Muhammad Bin Noor
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Dhaka City Tour & Photography Tour
26 January 2017

An Experience I will Never Forget

Masbah and Liton showed me the best time as we did the old capital and photo tour of old Dhaka. It was an experience I will never forget, the people the food and the sights were incredible. Masbah was very knowledgeable and made sure we went at a pace where we missed nothing.

I highly recommend Bangladesh Unbound for all trips in Bangladesh, very experienced and professional.

Simon Roozendaal
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Best of Bangladesh
19 January 2017

We had a Very Nice Time!!

We booked our 18 days tour via Bangladesh Unbound in Sylhet. This was a very good experience. The Tour had a good variety of places to see in Bangladesh. The Tour Guide was excellent and was proud of his beautiful country. The guide is punctual and always right on time. He takes his initiative and also leaves space for special wishes. Hotel accommodation in Bangladesh is not on a very high level however the Hotels during our was luxurious. The highlight of the tour was the 3 days boat trip to Sundarbans. Also, the means of transport were in the right balance. Boat, Vans, Trains and TukTuk’s a very nice experience.

We had a private tour, so just the two of us without a group. The price of the whole tour could, knowing the prices in Bangladesh now out of my point of view a little lower. Conclusion a very nice tour which a will recommend to everybody who likes to visit this beautiful country Bangladesh. We had a very nice time!!

David Wanner
British Columbia, Canada
Glories of Bangladesh
13 January 2017

Truly was one of the Best Experiences in My Life

I arrived in Bangladesh without a plan. I contacted Bangladesh Unbound and in one day Ms Farjana worked her magic and organized a 15-day tour for me. Normally 2 to 3 months advance notice is required to plan a tour like this. In 15 days I toured Dhaka, spent several days in Sylhet and Jaflong (India border) and the tea gardens and national park in Srimangal. (more…)

Fernando Iglesias
Madrid, Spain
Dhaka City Tour
9 January 2017

Bangladesh Unbound and all the Staff make my Trip Impressive

I just want to say thank you to Bangladesh Unbound and all the staff who make my trip impressive.

I recommend Bangladesh Unbound travel as they prepare me a perfect itinerary. Also, I had a delay on my arrival and they made all the possible to cover most of the sightseeings already planned.

Bangladesh is a great destination and using Bangladesh Unbound was a perfect decision.

Anna Adolphe Boch
Antwerp, Belgium
Customize Tour
5 January 2017

Extremely Happy with the Company and the Guide

From the moment we got in touch with the owner until we left Bangladesh we have been extremely happy with the company and the guide Masbah. We have booked a few days trips from Dhaka (Sonargaon, Photo tour).

The highlight of the trip was the rocket steamer to Khulna and the return trip to Dhaka by train. A trip we will never forget. Rocket boat was clean and nostalgic. The hotel in Khulna was good enough for one night. If you read the travel warnings against Bangladesh you think you go to a warzone. This was our second visit and we would highly recommend the country and its people.

First-class travel agent Bangladesh Unbound.

Urszula Maciek
Warsaw, Poland
Customized Photography Tour
2 January 2017

An Exciting Photography Tour in Dhaka and Barisal

Bangladesh Unbound organised an exciting photo tour in Dhaka and Barisal. Farjana and Mushi were very kind, helpful and friendly. We’ve been safe and had no problem with anything. We will be back in Bangladesh soon, probably in may to meet Farjana and friends again.

We can recommend Bangladesh Unbound in 100%.

Nicolas Laurin
Southampton, United Kingdom
Sundarbans Safari
28 December 2016

Bangladesh is a Wonderful Country, with Wonderful People

New Dhaka visiting many sights of cultural and historical significance. We loved making our way around Old Dhaka’s narrow and colourful streets by rickshaw.
Bangladesh may not be top of everyone’s holiday destination list but that’s partly why we visited and we are so glad we did.

We spent a week in the country as part of a month’s travelling in South East Asia and it was up there as one of our favourite experiences. (more…)

Andrew Wood
Helsinki, Finland
Dhaka City Tour
25 December 2016

Not Just a Tour, but an Experience!

We went on the “Dhaka City Tour”. We got to see the authentic part of Dhaka with busy streets and all the big tourist attractions worth visiting like Star Mosque, the Lalbag Fort and the Buriganga river station. We got to ride a rickshaw and boat trip on the river.

I will recommend the tour to others who want to experience the “real” Dhaka.

Gabriele Grossenbacher
Bern, Switzerland
Sylhet Nature Tour
22 December 2016

Enjoyed the Tour to Sylhet, Jaflong and Lalakhal, Organised by Bangladesh Unbound

As our son visited us from Switzerland, I went out of Dhaka for the first time. And I discovered a very green Bangladesh with smiling people everywhere! We enjoyed the tour to Sylhet, Jaflong and Lalakhal, organised by Bangladesh Unbound, very much. Farjana was ready to adjust the trip to our needs, so we went to Sylhet by train, but took the plane back to Dhaka on the third day. (more…)

Karyn Kandell
North Carolina, USA
Dhaka City Tour & Street Photography Tour
10 December 2016

Highly Recommend, Dhaka City and Street Photography Tour

Just returned home from Bangladesh many thanks to Farjana for being responsive to our requests and to Masbah for being a thorough and patient guide for both tours. We highly recommend both the Old Dhaka Tour and the Dhaka Photo Tour.

While seeing the main sites in old Dhaka was a treat, the Photo Tour allowed us to explore non-tourist areas, especially the massive market where we took many photos of friendly, smiling faces. Highly recommend!

Jackie Hulton
London, United Kingdom
Exploring Bangladesh
3 December 2016

Extremely Refreshing and Rewarding to Travel Around Bangladesh

It is probably fair to say that Bangladesh for various reasons isn’t on many people’s wish list of places to visit but ironically that is one of the main reasons we wanted to visit. It was extremely refreshing and rewarding to travel around a country, unspoilt by mass tourism and to have the opportunity of experiencing and observing the many facets of Bangladeshi life in such a natural and personal way. (more…)

Andrew Allan
Adelaide, Australia
Dhaka City Tour
2 December 2016

Thank you for Making Our Trip Most Enjoyable

About a fortnight ago we made a brief 3 day stop in Dhaka, we booked the Dhaka City Tour, to say we were satisfied is an understatement, our tour guide Mushfiq was professional, punctual and knowledgeable, He knew more about Dhaka than we imagined and when we requested some personal places of interest, they were included without extra cost.

Communication before our trip to Dhaka with the Bangladesh Unbound management was perfect, communication was always consistent and prompt, and airport pick up and drop off were pleasant and on time.

Thank you for making our trip most enjoyable.

Jim Tuama
Lima, Peru
Dhaka City Tour & Street Photography Tour
30 November 2016

Dhaka is Incredible and a Photographer’s Dream

I had a weekend in Dhaka so booked two tours with Bangladesh Unbound – the Dhaka City Tour on Saturday then the Photography Tour on Sunday. Everything was professionally done from start to finish starting with pickups on time on both days. Had Masbah as my guide who was excellent at providing proper perspective into not only the sites visited across Old Dhaka but also helping me understand Bangladesh more generally. I highly recommend both tours – Old Dhaka is a great way of seeing all the key sights in an easy but intense one day, while the photography tour shows you what life is like away from the tourist sites. (more…)

Mark Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
27 November 2016

Bangladesh Unbound Tries to do the Right Thing for its Customers

Bit hesitate before book tours with this new company. My wife encourage me to go ahead as she loved to support women empowerment, especially Muslim women. We went on the Dhaka City Tour and the Old Capital (Sonargaon) Tour with Bangladesh Unbound. The guide was Mushfiq for both, and the driver was Liton. Arranging the date of the tour was a bit touch-and-go, as we booked quite a last minute. Although I happen to speak Bengali, the great advantage of hiring a knowledgeable guide like Mushfiq and a company like Bangladesh Unbound is the relationships they’ve built up with local small businesses or the gatekeepers at certain historical sites, so that access is arranged ahead of time. In as chaotic a place as Dhaka, saving time and effort is a godsend. Throughout, Mushfiq checked that we were comfortable and kept an eye on the schedule, making an effort to be on time despite the understandably horrific city traffic. This in itself, I found to be amazing – in a country where no one seems to care much about this kind of thing. (more…)

Michael Kendall
Birmingham, England
Sundarbans Safari
25 November 2016

Beautiful Country, Wonderful People

Recent events have been unkind to Bangladesh and its people. I admit to being apprehensive myself but decided that I would still go ahead with my trip. I used the services of Bangladesh Unbound. My emails were responded to quickly and efficiently, an itinerary was put together and the payment process was easy. I decided to use a tour company because I wanted to go on the Rocket Steamer overnight boat and a boat tour of the Sundarbans National Park. These can be difficult and time-consuming to arrange independently when you arrive 3 days minimum is advised to secure a berth on the steamer. (more…)

John Skovron
Washington, USA
Customized Tour
18 November 2016

Great Experience with Excellent Tour Service

As part of a longer trip to the area, we arranged in advance with Bangladesh Unbound for a 5-day customized tour. If you are considering visiting Bangladesh, I would strongly recommend Bangladesh Unbound. I was so pleased with my experience that I feel compelled to write a thorough review that might encourage others to visit. I will first address the service, and then the experience. (more…)

Svetlana Suslova
Moscow, Russia
Best of Bangladesh
13 November 2016

My Holidays is Wonderful and Not Hesitate to Recommend Bangladesh Unbound

From the pre-tour communication with Farjana to the tour itself led by Masbah, everything was very good! They were efficient and organized and I felt I could trust them.

Farjana designed very interesting itineraries for her tours and she helped me to choose the best one according to the length of my vacation. She replied to my numerous questions very fast. She was very attentive to details. And I joined a scheduled tour. So I had a companion for most of my travel – a girl from Norway. It made my trip cheaper a little bit. And it was a piece of good luck to meet such a nice companion as she was (It’s always a real pleasure to meet wonderful people when you are a solo traveller and when being so far from your home and family). (more…)

Hilde Steen
Oslo, Norway
Highlights of Bangladesh
7 November 2016

Don't Waste your Time, Experience a Lot with Bangladesh Unbound

I had an 11-day group tour with Bangladesh Unbound. It was well organized, had no time wasted, and had great tour guide Arafat. I got to see a lot of what Bangladesh has to offer, from interesting buildings in Dhaka, riverboat trips, train trips, tea plantation, and my absolute favourite, a 3 day trip in the Sundarbans! (more…)

Eva Rohland
Berlin, Germany
Sundarbans Safari
13 October 2016

We were Very Lucky to Spot a Tiger Cub

I and my friend take a trip for 7 days with Bangladesh Unbound. An in its whole diversity beautiful tour which allowed insights into wonderful Bangladesh. The day in Dhaka was very revealing and we surely would not have been able to see all of it on our own without Bangladesh Unbound. The rocket was just an adventure and Bagerhat is thrilling in its historicity, all the people we met were very kind. (more…)

Abdul Aziz
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dhaka CityTour
5 September 2016

See a lot of the City's Sites in a Pleasant way

I signed up for this tour and had a jam-packed day of sightseeing. We were picked up at the hotel at 8 am sharp and returned after seeing a lot later that evening. It was a full day finishing with a boat ride before returning.

Our guide Mushfiq for the day was excellent and all the arrangements went smoothly. We even had time for a wonderful lunch at a local restaurant and to taste authentic traditional cuisine!

If you have a spare day in Dhaka I would strongly recommend this tour. You will see a lot of the city’s sites in a short time but pleasant way.

Ken Malcolm
Auckland, New Zealand
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
14 August 2016

Amazing Experience; Incredible sights and Unforgettable Memories

What a brilliant way to be introduced to Bangladesh. Courteous and focused on providing a good impression of the Bangladesh culture. We did the old capital Sonargaon Day Tour and the old Dhaka City tour with Mushfiq as our guide on both days. It was an amazing experience; we saw incredible sights had unforgettable memories and met very friendly people who were overjoyed to have tourists visit them! Don’t be surprised when you become the attraction and the locals ask to take your photo! (more…)

Molly Frizzell
Ohio, USA
Dhaka City Tour
2 August 2016

Found the Genuine and Hospitable Heart of Bangladeshi Culture

As the title suggests, our one-day tour of Dhaka was exceptional. We reserved the tour three weeks before arrival. Farjana, the owner, worked closely with me, gave close attention to what we wanted to see during our limited stay, and set up the perfect private tour of Dhaka. Her communication was great and payment was easy. (more…)

Joel Toorenburgh
Montreal, Canada
Sylhet Nature Tour
10 July 2016

This Tour was Definitely what We had in Mind while We Booked

I and my friend booked this tour very spontaneous and Farjana replied right after I send the email. So we were able to start just 8 days after. We’re a bit scared of the situation as we just want to go outside of Dhaka after the Cafe Siege incident on July 2nd. But Farjana sends one of her best guides to Dhaka to pick us up and take us to Sylhet. She instructs the guide to be with us 24/7 so nothing could happen to us and also arrange police escorts in most places we visit in Sylhet. Not only that Farjana asked her guide to drop us at our place safely in Dhaka too. That’s I would say customer service. (more…)

Anne Claire
Nantes, France
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
5 July 2016

Great Tour Company for Solo Female Traveller in Bangladesh

Great tour company for solo females travelling in Bangladesh. All of their tours are private in which you get your driver and personal tour guide. All the tour guides graduate and have been professionals for a minimum of 2-3 years (both are part of the hiring requirements). I had an amazing experience as the guide focused on customer satisfaction and got me whatever I needed without questions asked or bringing up extra cost issues. My tour guide is Arafat and the driver is Liton. Both speak English proficiently. Arafat went above and beyond to ensure I was happy on the tour and below are some exceptional things they did like, (more…)

Helen Fernandez
Colombo, Srilanka
Dhaka City Tour & Sonargaon Day Trip
19 June 2016

Two Day Tour in and Around Dhaka with Bangladesh Unbound

I went on a short 3 day trip to Dhaka, and I had booked two sIngle-day tours with Bangladesh Unbound, the Dhaka City Tour and the Sonargaon Day Trip. I had booked the tours online a few weeks before my trip, which was easy and efficient. Both tours were fantastic. My guide Masbah was very good. His English was excellent and he was very knowledgeable.

I thought the itineraries for both tours were very well designed. I saw a lot in those two days. I can highly recommend Bangladesh Unbound. The highlights for me were the abandoned city of Panam Nagar (one of the strangest places I have ever seen) and the visit to Char (Island).

Stephanie Skinner
California, USA
Tea Capital Tour
25 May 2016

Wonderful Experience, Recommend to Anyone

During a work trip in Northern Bangladesh, I treated myself to a weekend tour of the Srimangal area with Bangladesh Unbound. It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone who would like to learn more about the beautiful country of Bangladesh. My tour guide Arafat and driver Liton, are two fantastic humans who accommodated our needs and requests and provided an atmosphere of light-hearted fun and learning. Arafat is a very good wildlife photographer too and I got a chance to see his great wildlife photos. (more…)

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