Bangladesh Unbound is one of the most Prominent and Trusted local Tour Operator companies among western tourists led by a Woman Entrepreneur since it was started its business operation. Currently, Bangladesh Unbound is the only local tour operator in Bangladesh which run by a woman. Providing the most Authentic Bangladesh Experience for foreign travellers is our only priority. Every journey, whether it is a day-trip or month-long tour, is a new challenge to us, and every time we try our best to give you the most Genuine Experience of the real lives of real people.

In Bangladesh Unbound, we try to understand the needs and interests of our guests and work hard to fulfill them by any means. We never compromise with the Quality and the Standard of our Service. That’s why from the very beginning of our journey, we Stood First among all the other tour operators of Bangladesh. We are Authentic. Your experience will be too. Journey with us means you’ll see Real Lives of Real People.

In Bangladesh Unbound, our priority is the People, not Profit. We are not like the other tour operators of Bangladesh to whom operating tour means only a business but nothing else. We Bangladesh Unbound are aware of our responsibility to society and the local community as well. That’s why we donate 10% straight away from our (each tour) profit after successful completion of a tour to help those children who are left off from the school because of their financial crisis, or a woman can’t feed or give better treatment to her children due to lack of money.

Since we started our journey, we have continued our support to socially disadvantaged ethnic and minority families and religiously discriminated children, including orphan boys and girls in Srimongol and the Chittagong Hill Tracts region, to continue and complete their basic education (at least primary level).

We dream that one day we will establish an orphanage or boarding school where the children will get free education and accommodation to the high school level regardless of their religion or ethnic identity.

We are committed to working for sustainable tourism and the betterment of the local communities.