etiquette in bangladesh

Tipping – A Common Etiquette in Bangladesh

We get asked a lot of times How much to Tip in Bangladesh? at different instances. This article can be used as a guide on how much you should be tipping in Bangladesh and in which instances.

etiquette in bangladesh

Tipping in Bangladesh

Tipping is commonly known as Bakshish (Baksheesh) in Bangladesh. Tipping in Bangladesh is part of the culture and you should be tipping in restaurants, hotels, drivers, boatmen, tour guides and so on. While it is normal to tip in Bangladesh to the different service providers, if the service you’re receiving is not good, you may decide to give a tip lower than what is stated as the normal tipping amount and even decide not to give any tip at all.

Do You Tip In Bangladesh?

Yes, normally visitors in Bangladesh do give tips for services & service providers such as Drivers, Guides, Waiters, Restaurant Delivery, Takeouts, Bartenders, Taxi & Uber Drivers, Hotel Staff, Doorman, Maid and more.

Tipping at Restaurant(s)

96% of the people in Bangladesh’s average tipping percentage in restaurants is between 10% to 15%. The actual tipping percentage is determined according to the level of service given in the restaurant and the tipping percentage can go above 15% if service was superb or go under 10% if the service was bad.

If eating a small meal, breakfast or snacks with bill amounts less than 300 Taka, then a 10% tip (or 20-50 Taka) is expected/respected. If you have small bills handy, you can tip in multiples of 10 Taka notes.

On bill amounts ranging from 500 Taka to 1000 Taka, then you can tip around 7% to 10% of the bill amount (or 50-100 Taka). For example, a 100 Taka tip on a BDT 1000 bill is a very good tip, you can also tip about 50 Taka and that would be fine.

On bill amounts above 1000 Taka, the tip amount of BDT 10% to 15% is sufficient.

There are some restaurants in Dhaka and other major cities that normally charge a ‘Service Charge’, when a ‘Service Charge’ is levied no tip is expected.

etiquette in bangladesh

Tipping at Hotel(s)

In Bangladesh, 69% of the people’s average tipping percentage in hotels is between 2 to 5 USD/EURO/GBP. The actual tipping percentage is determined according to the level of service given in at the hotel and the tipping percentage can go above the US $5 if the service was excellent or go under $5 if the service was not good. The bell boy usually gets about 2 USD/EURO/GBP per luggage.

Tipping at hotels in Bangladesh is slightly confusing and annoying at a times.
As a general rule, we encourage whenever possible if you see a central tip box then tip cumulatively. The cumulative tip should be between 5% to 7% of the hotel tariff per night into the number of days.

So if you are at a hotel that is BDT 3000 a night and staying for 3 nights, then you should tip about 300-500 Taka overall. When staying at expensive hotels reduce this to between 3% to 5% of the tariff amount.


  1. Exclude restaurant tips from tips to hotels.
  2. If you do not find a central tip box you can ask if they have one or not, if not then tip one central person at the reception and indicate this is a tip for everyone.
  3. If you are a young budget traveller(s), you can tip lower or avoid tipping at hotel rooms.

Why tipping at Hotel(s) can be annoying?

Not as a rule, but often bell boy(s) will wait outside your room expecting a tip. If you ask for a small help or task from room service, the staff(s) might wait outside the door expecting a tip from you. Another thing, when there is no central tip box we recommend avoiding tipping individually. This might mean telling a bell boy or a room service staff a polite thank you with a smile and walking away.

If in an uncomfortable situation, small notes of BDT 20-50 Taka are a good tip for small tasks.

Tipping multiple-day, day Car Hire Driver(s) and Transfers from Airport or Taxis

89% of the people in Bangladesh’s average tipping percentage for Taxi Driver is between 10% to 20%. The actual tipping percentage is determined according to the level of service given by the taxi driver and the tipping percentage can go above 10% if the service was satisfactory or go under 20% if the service was not good. Usually, it will be no less than 3 to 5 USD.

For instance(s) of Airport transfers, you can tip between about BDT 50-100 Taka.
If you rent a car for a day to tour the city, depending on how happy you were with his service(s) you can tip him between BDT 200-500. Base this on if he gave you good local tips on places to eat or monuments to visit. Didn’t take you to the Tourist-Trap shop(s).

If you take a taxi or a Tuk-Tuk (Rickshaw/CNG) between point “A” to point “B” after bargaining the rate, a tip is usually not expected in these instances.
When you have a driver for multiple days, you should tip him between BDT 300-500 Taka per day.

Again depend on this, how happy you were with his service(s) and local knowledge.

Tipping Tour Guide(s)

You should tip a guide between BDT 500-1500 Taka per day depending on how much happy you were with their guided tour if this is a personalized tour. But if it is a group tour BDT 500-1000 Taka is a fair tip.

Good to know

Bangladesh culturally does have a strong tipping tradition. We do recommend tipping at different instance(s) as explained above, but tipping Higher only when you are very happy with the service. We also encourage tipping Higher than the range specified if you feel an individual went out of his way to help you and you are extremely satisfied.

Below is a quick guide to tipping for Bangladesh tourists.

etiquette in bangladesh

The amount(s) may appear low, but keep in mind that over-tipping can also be deemed rude. Alter suitably to fit your budget, experience and satisfaction within individual service(s).

Try to carry as many small bills of BDT/Taka 10, 20, 50 & 100 notes as possible. Finding change for a 100 Taka when giving a tip can be considered impolite and if nothing else, awkward. Carry as many small notes as comfortable to avoid over-tipping at places that don’t require large tips.


10 Taka maximum if anything, preferably nothing.

Boat Crew & Driver:

Half Day 200-300 Taka, 500 Taka maximum.

Full-Day 1000 Taka maximum.

Multi-Day, 500 Taka per day, or as you see fit.

Guides (Pick-Up or Arranged):

Half-Day or less 300-500 Taka, 1000 Taka maximum.

All Day BDT 500-1000 Taka, 1500 Taka maximum if the entire day was spent.

Multi-Day, 1000 Taka per day, or as you see fit.


BDT 20 Taka per bag


10 Taka, 20-50 Taka maximum, if asking for a photo.

Services (Massage, Barber):

50-200 Taka or as you wish.

Shoe Handler(s) at Temples/Mosques:

5-10 Taka average, BDT 10 Taka maximum per pair.

Toilet Attendants/Pay to use Toilets:

BDT10-20 Taka maximum. Anything more is a scam.


BDT 20-50 Taka maximum.


10% or less of the total check.

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