Stephen R Max
Bonn, Germany

I’ve booked the Barisal Backwater Tour together with a friend of mine. The planned date was the 30th of July but because of a cyclone, we had to reschedule it to the next day. Ms Farjana (CEO of Bangladesh Unbound) and Mr Arafat Rasul arrived as agreed in our hotel and asked us very politely if it is OK for us to try departing the next day. No problem for us and not their fault.

The whole organizing of the tour was very nice even though some things went not exactly as planned. But that’s Bangladesh. They were always able to find new ways to move on and this is especially what we think we couldn’t have managed without them.

They speak English fluently and were able to answer all of our questions. Additionally, they taught us a lot about the unique flora & fauna of their country and the lovely curious people living there. It is important to know that tourists are almost unknown in this country and so are travellers an even bigger attraction for the Bengali than the other way round.

We hope the tourism in this country always stays at the current level because it was 100% authentic this way. You won’t see any souvenir shops or superfluous stuff like that and this is what makes Bangladesh what it is right now. Simply the best choice for any adventurer or traveller who hates seeing masses of tourists.

And thanks again for the nice birthday party. Especially Arafat for decorating our riverboat cabin in such a lovely way.

Looking forward to seeing both of you again someday and as we told you maybe next time in Europe.

Keep up the good work guys!!!

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