Morten Faurschou
Aalborg, Denmark

After being rushed back by the cyclone BulBul, my second attempt to visit Sundarban was successful and more than that. The three-day tour with now already friends from Bangladesh Unbound in February was wonderful – relaxing, energizing, cultural.

Cruising the wastewaters of the Bangladeshi delta provided plenty of time to explore mangrove forests, get acquainted with the life of fishermen, enjoy uninterrupted views and watch rich wildlife. In our morning and evening canoe rides through mangrove canals, we saw numerous colourful birds, monkeys, deer and many others, yet the tiger did not show up this time.

Nice long hikes and beach walking in the untouched nature and among animals, left us energized but also ready for the meals back on the ship. Here we also explored, so much of Bangladeshi cuisine done by an excellent chef and coming out from a tiny and very simple kitchen – amazing – real flavorful feasts of fresh and masterly cooked local ingredients. Enjoyable, for long remembering, and worth repeating and perhaps facing the tiger next time.

Thank you Bangladesh Unbound team and the ship crew for the wonderful trip.

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