Molly Frizzell
Ohio, USA

As the title suggests, our one-day tour of Dhaka was exceptional. We reserved the tour three weeks before arrival. Farjana, the owner, worked closely with me, gave close attention to what we wanted to see during our limited stay, and set up the perfect private tour of Dhaka. Her communication was great and payment was easy.

Masbah, our AMAZING guide, was right on time (early, in fact) on the day of the tour. During the car ride from our hotel north of the city to Old Dhaka, he explained to us about Bangladeshi history and the current holiday period very interesting! Once in Old Dhaka, Masbah showed us some of the most amazing, colourful, and friendly bazaars and streets we have ever visited. Though he kept us informed, helped us translate, and was always there when we needed something, he also gave us the space to explore, interact with locals, and take photos. A perfect guide. Misbah’s English is great and we share many delightful conversations about each of our cultures. We ended the day feeling we had found the genuine and hospitable heart of Bangladeshi culture, thanks to Masbah’s guidance and the people of Dhaka welcoming us to their vibrant city.

Thank you Farjana and Masbah, we look forward to exploring more of Bangladesh with you someday.

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