Lesly Molyneux
Norwich, United Kingdom

I had wanted to visit Bangladesh for some years. After the difficulty of trying to organise my tour, I found Bangladesh Unbound, and am so pleased I did. A very professional company that nevertheless treat clients as individuals. Farjana (Bangladesh Unbound’s owner) met me at the airport in Dhaka which was kind. The financial arrangements for the trip were easy and worked perfectly.

There were only five of us (one couple and the rest strangers), and we travelled the whole country by plane, train, boat and van. The roads are terrible – broken and in towns with horrendous traffic. However our wonderful driver for most of the trip – Mubarak – was brilliant and kept us safe and unstressed. Our guide, Arafat, was excellent – well informed and able to adapt where possible for our varied interests.

It is impossible to choose one highlight of the trip – most days were highlights! For me, the most memorable would include the two days with our great boatman on the Ganges Delta – floating rice market, brickmakers, and the villages; the old Rocket steamer; 3 days on our boat in the Sundarbans; the tribal villages we visited; the stone-crushers – incredible! – the tranquillity of the Sangu river trip; the fish markets in Chittagong.

In addition to the tour Farjana also arranged a day for me at Living Blue – an indigo farm in Rangpur and a trip to see the Jamdani weaving village near Dhaka. Both were excellent, especially Living Blue.

Bangladesh exceeded every one of my expectations and dreams. A beautiful country of tranquil, peaceful rivers, bustling colourful cities, tribal villages, and the most incredible people – kind, helpful and happy. As a single woman, at no time did I feel intimidated, uncomfortable or afraid.

For a destination that is different, and very much off the beaten track, safe and with truly great people – Bangladesh ticks all the boxes. Go before it becomes too popular! And I would unhesitatingly recommend travelling with Farjana’s company, Bangladesh Unbound.

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