Gayle Twomey
Christchurch, New Zealand

Communication with Bangladesh Unbound was always prompt, polite, and accommodating. Masbah (our guide) and Liton (our driver) were waiting for us early when we got downstairs at our meeting point. They answered all our questions, made us feel safe, and honoured the requests that we made. Liton was a very calm and safe driver this is not always the case in Bangladesh we’ve had some others that were a bit more aggressive. Masbah was a very knowledgeable young man who kept us well informed all day.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day on the river aboard the boat, at the pottery village, and the bronze/brass house. The day started with a car ride and a short walk to the boats. I thoroughly enjoyed the boat ride to and from the pottery village! I would suggest bringing a telephoto lens, for the boat ride to get some great shots of people and things closer to shore. When you get to shore, switch back to your normal photo lens, and be prepared to enjoy your time at the pottery village. You will see the villagers work in action and we even got to try making some pottery ourselves. Needless to say, they are much better at it!

Afterwards, we headed back on the boat back to port to take a short ride to a market to buy some pottery (The village makes pots for orders they take, they don’t sell directly to people. Wish they would though because sometimes you’d like to buy the pieces you have seen being made) and to have a good lunch which is provided for you. Then it was off to see the bronze artwork. We were privileged to meet Mr Sukanta and have him show us the fine artisan handwork and process that he uses. His wife is a renowned painter, and she was also kind enough to show us her studio and artwork as well. Pieces are available for sale if you are interested. The pieces are well worth it but plan appropriately. I would have loved to buy a piece but did not have enough Taka with and I don’t believe they took a credit card, though I never asked. I unfortunately never got back there. If you are thinking about buying a painting or bronze piece I would suggest having 8,000 to 15,000 Taka with depending on your wants. You can get smaller, less expensive, pieces as well. Our last stop was at a beautiful National Memorial where you can learn a bit more history and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the monument.

I would highly recommend Bangladesh Unbound. If we had more time we would have taken another!

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