Clara D’Ancona
Valencia, Spain

We’re a group of five architects from Spain including two ladies. As a part of our research, our trip to Bangladesh focussed on modern architecture such as the famous Bangladesh National Parliament Building by Louis I Kahn, along with the prominent buildings of Muzharul Islam, Grand Master of regional modernism in South Asia and the Father of modern architecture in Bangladesh, and other eminent buildings of widely acknowledged local architects such as Basharul Haq, one of the most influential architects in South Asia. Also the Aga Khan Architecture Award winner (2016) Bait-ur-Rouf Mosque in Dhaka by Marina Tabassum.

Our trip was organized by Bangladesh Unbound and guided by Arafat. Thanks to Arafat we got to visit all the impressive architectural sights in Dhaka we had planned to see and several other places in the countryside such as the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) World’s Best Building Award winner (2021) Friendship Hospital by Kashef Chowdhury at Satkhira, Friendship Center near Gaibanda, the Agricultural University in Mymensing and more.

Arafat and his driver Mobarak guided us safely and patiently through the heavy and noisy traffic and the beautiful landscapes. We had a great time in Bangladesh and learned a lot about the country. Our last days we spent at the country’s north-eastern parts surrounded by green lush tea gardens.

Arafat is not only a very skilled and experienced guide but also a wonderful and caring person and friend. Thanks to him our trip was a great success and an unforgettable experience. We highly recommend his services to everyone interested to get to know the many architectural marvels of Bangladesh!

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