Carrie Goliasch
Munich, Germany

My prime aim was to visit the Sundarbans with the other parts of the trip as a bonus. In the event, everything was of great interest and everything was well organized. The guide (Faisal) was wonderful; he couldn’t have been more helpful and seemed knowledgeable about all aspects of the country and its people. I have travelled widely in India and had expected Bangladesh to be much the same; it is not and is well worth a visit even if you know the sub-continent well.

Despite what you might read, I had no concerns over security and the people I met was, without exception, friendly and interested – even to the extent of being invited into their schools and homes. Faisal was especially helpful in offering guidance about the difficult subject of tipping and gratuities and social issues generally. One small negative (and here I may have been unlucky) getting a visa on arrival took two hours. It may be a good idea to get your visa in advance.

I will have no hesitation in using Bangladesh Unbound again.

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