Anne Claire
Nantes, France

Great tour company for solo females travelling in Bangladesh. All of their tours are private in which you get your driver and personal tour guide. All the tour guides graduate and have been professionals for a minimum of 2-3 years (both are part of the hiring requirements). I had an amazing experience as the guide focused on customer satisfaction and got me whatever I needed without questions asked or bringing up extra cost issues. My tour guide is Arafat and the driver is Liton. Both speak English proficiently. Arafat went above and beyond to ensure I was happy on the tour and below are some exceptional things they did like,

1) Arafat customized the tour to my preferences. I am really into local gems of seeing how real people lived and tasting authentic food. During the Dhaka City Tour, he specifically asked the rickshaw driver to take the less touristy roads so I get to see the real authentic side of Dhaka.
2) Very accommodating – due to my flight schedule, I was not able to see a couple of sites on the first day. Arafat made sure they had enough time the next day to take me to see those sites.
3) Providing out-of-package item free of cost (not sure if I am supposed to publicize that on here but this show how they prioritize customer happiness over anything else) – I wanted to try local delicacy so Arafat got me mango, pear, crisps, mango lassi and water (whenever I asked for them) outside of the lunch expense which was covered as part of the tour. Also, I came during Ramadan so the restaurant on my second-day tour was closed. Before sending me back to the hotel, Arafat also got Biryani rice from a famous Dhaka restaurant packed for me to go so I can have it in the hotel room.
4) Knowledgeable and transparent – I got to Dhaka after the Cafe Siege incident on July 2nd. Arafat was very transparent about the situation and reassured me that everything will be safe. We even got police escorts on my second day. Also because all the tour guides are highly educated, Arafat was able to answer many questions with a level of sophistication. During our conversation, he also helped resolve many of my misconceptions regarding the Muslim Religion and way of life.
5) Strong relationship with many tourist attraction sites. On my second day, we were at Sonargaon (and many things were closed due to Ramadan). However, Arafat was able to get the site keepers to open up many attractions for us because he had a close relationship with them.
6) Excellent service – my phone broke during the trip. Arafat offered his cell phone so I can take pictures and send those pictures to me immediately after the tour concluded.
7) High-quality transportation – other tour companies would use a rickshaw or tuk-tuk for the majority of transportation while Bangladesh Unbound use a nice van with 4-wheel drives and only rickshaw for the roads that van cannot get in. The rickshaw ride itself was a great way to experience the city but not when you have to travel on them throughout the tour!

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience and this tour company is one of the best tours I have booked.

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