Liton M.

Logistics Coordinator

Liton is in the main role of the Logistics Support Team. Originally from Barisal, the Southern part of Bangladesh but currently living in Dhaka with his family. His passion for travel and exploration started at a young age, during long road trips with his family. After working several years at Nijhoom Tours throughout Bangladesh he joined Bangladesh Unbound as a tour driver and secured his current position with his skills, experience and dedication. Liton is passionate about food and geography, which are the greatest motivations for most of his trips. He is always ready for a new destination to visit, and new cultures to immerse himself into. He believes in taking chances and exploring new places, and cultures to learn from them. He always looks to help travellers and customers have the best travel experience possible. Liton is very excited to be part of the Bangladesh Unbound family and looks forward to many new adventures with the company in the future.

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